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You are an ordinary highschool girl, with ordinary friends... or so it would seem. You spend two weeks at highschool and then you find out that life isn't what you thought it was.

There will be four guys, in the beginning (i'm planning on adding one or two more), who you can fall in love with. Carter, Lyle, Skyler, and a mysterious one that you dont' get to meet till next quiz!!

Created by: Everlasting_hope

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  1. It's your second week back at highschool. You're finally learning where all your classes are located and you are meting new people too. It is first period: science. The room is painted white and the air is freezing. The smell of chemicals are in the air. You daze off as the teacher says the instructions.
  2. You take in details around you, the teacher is yapping, she is over weight and has a mustache. And her hair is a mess. She points at the chalk board which has notes on it. Then you look at the clock, the class has only just begun. There is still an hour left of your science class. Suddenly you feel someone pinch you.
  3. You turn your head fast, wondering who would do such a thing. You frown as you realize its Carter. You sigh and roll your eyes. "What?" You say in a rude voice. "Don't give me that, your the one who's not paying attention. I was telling you about what i did yesterday afternoon." You sigh again as you say, "I told you i don't care what you did yesterday!!" You spin your head back away from him. "If you don't listen, I'm going to tear up your homework..." He threatens. You nearly fall out of your stool and leap at him. He has your homework in his hands!
  4. He begins to chuckle. "Are you listening yet?!" He is taller than you and able to keep the paper several inches above your head without you reaching it. "Ugh, yes, just give it back!" You begin to think of all the ways you want to kill him when he finally gives it back. You snatch it back and glare at him. He's smiling. Then he finishes telling his pointless story about all the events that happened yesterday. This isn't your first encounter with Carter. Carter was your worst enemy last year, he went out with your best friend and all he did was be a jerk to you. He'd call you names and say you were boring. "Are you always this boring? You never talk. Your color is grey, grey little woman. With grey hair and a grey shirt." Stupid stuff like that. (No your hair isn't grey) And the reason you didn't talk much was because you didn't know anybody in that class. But oh well, that was all last year. Since then, Carter broke up with your best friend and was now making time to chat about nothingness in your first period science class.
  5. He finally quits talking and you hear the teacher say, "This assignment is due at the end of class." Dang it- you weren't listening. You look at your lab partner, Carter. "What did she say?" You ask desperatly. "I dunno, I wasn't listening." You rub your fore head, "Well i couldn't listen because of all your yammering!" He laughs but then says, "Shut up, I know how to mix these chemicals." He begins to pick up glasses and poor them together into a bowl. You notice that the liquids don't seem to be mixing right- they are boiling around! You notice one drop flies out at your lab partners hair, you take evasive action! (...Alright, it wasn't really that epic)You sweep his long black bang behind his ear. Just in time too. He doen't seem to notice nore care that you just saved his black silky hair. You sit back down in your stool, looking away.
  6. "Hey, Hey, hey, hey." You ignore his voice. He grabs your head and forcefully makes you look at him. "Ah, so i thought!" He said. You smack him away, "Ouch! That hurt you dumb butt!" You say rubbing your neck. "Heh, whatever, I just needed to know your eye color for this work sheet." He said with a pencil in his hand. "What why? And when did you start actually working?" You ask leaning over him to see the worksheet. You see that the worksheet is flipped on its back, the pure white side. He is drawing a comic on it- a poorly drawn one at that. You decide not to argue about it. "So... am i in the comic?' You ask curiously. He nods and blinks his deep blue eyes. "Yeah, you're the fat one." He says casually.
  7. "What?" You exclaim! "But i'm not fat!!" You yell, the whole class looks at you. He laughs, "I'm just kidding." He has a hand on your head and he ruffles your hair. You pull his hand away and sit back down to draw away the attention from yourself.
  8. Suddenly the bell rings and you get out of the class as soon as possible. You run into the busy hallway but you are happy that you know your way to the next class and can manage the crowds. You squeeze by and look for room 503. Your English room. You know that your best friend Cindy will be there to greet you. You finally make it to Enlgish class and you see her smile at you. She jumps out of her seat and runs at you. You back away squealing, she tackles you anyway but you recover and not fall down. You look at her and smile, "Hey!" She hugs you, "Come on i saved us seats!" She leads the way. You sit down and notice a cute guy at the table. You sit down casually, and lean over to Cindy. "Who's that?" You ask, only seeing the back of the guy's head. He had blonde wavy hair on top. She whispers to you, "You don't recognize him??! That's Lyle from last year!" You gasp. How could you have not recognized him? Maybe it was his new hair cut. You place your hands on your lap nervously. "You mean, its really Lyle??" You whisper back to her. She smiles and nods, "Yes. I got us seats next to him just for ya!" She giggles. Cindy had her hands up to her mouth covering each giggle she sent out. Cidny had long blonde hair and light blue eyes, she had been your best friend for three years, and she was also the one who went out with Carter kast year. You turn your focus back at Lyle. He had been your last year crush. You had wanted to tell him how you felt about him last year but you found out that he had a girl friend. You were really disappointed, but over the summer, he broke up with her and he was now single. Lyle suddenly turnd his head and looks at the table group. He spots you and smiles. You feel you heart beat faster. You feel Cindy elbow you in the arm, encouraging you to talk to him. What do you say?
  9. "Hey," You say in a sheepish voice. You look into his light brown eyes. He returns your greeting, "Hey." You begin to tap your foot nervously, "Uhm, Well sicne we're at the same group table, maybe we should introduce ourselves?" You look down at the table blushing. "Sounds good. I'm Lyle." "I'm Cindy." You hear Cindy chime ine. You look back at his face. "I'm _____." He nods, "Nice to meet you." Then you hear the English teacher begin to lecture about something.
  10. You hear Lyle start to whisper to you, "Aren't you a junior (in 11th grade)" You nod. "Yeah." He then asks you, "But this is a senior (12 grade) class." You smile and answer him, "I'm uh... well advanced. Are you a senior?" Althouh you already knew he was. This was your first time actually talking to him, so you thought you'd pretend you didn't know anything about him. He nods. "Yup. So, you're a smarty pants?" You giggle. "Only in english. You should see my math skills." You feel more comfortable. He laughs at your sarcasm. You feel warm.
  11. Before you know it, its lunch time. You sit alone at a lunch table in the corner. You don't know anyone who goes to this lunch. Excpet Carter, who was busy flirting with girls. He was such a goofy guy... Then you spot Lyle from across the lunch room. You panic 'He can't see me alone! cHe'll think i'm a looser!' You think. You look around for a group to squeeze into. You are so worried about what he might think of you because Lyle is a very popular guy. He does athletics and he is the star of the basketball team! You notice that he's walking towards you, you nibble at your food. But then you see that Lyle was walking towards someone in front of your table. You see that he sits down at the other table, at the popular table. You sigh, 'There's no way he's ever going to talk to me anyways..' You flip some peas out of your trey. The food was terrible.
  12. You are observing the cafeteria full of highschoolers when you see a guy sitting by himself in the corner. You have nothing to loose and walk over to him, "Hey." You say, standing over him. He looks up at you. He has black hair and bright green eyes. He has a silver highlight in his hair that sticks out from the black. There is only a wave or two in his straight hair. You also see that he has a nose peircing and is wearing a plain black hoodie. He stares at you, unblinking. 'Maybe he's deaf...' You think. So you smile at him and sit down next to him as a friendly gesture. "Hi!" You say more enthusiastically. He looks at his lap un emotionally. He has no food. You frown, 'What now?' You sit in awkward silence. Then you fianlly rip a peice of your turkey sandwhich and reach to him. "Here." You say nicely. "You must be hungry." He looks at you, half of his black hair is covering his left eye. He takes the sandwhich and whispers, "Thank you.." You nod cheerfully.
  13. The lunch bell rings and you head to your next class, making sure to wave good bye at the guy you were sitting next to. You make it to your next class, physical education. The gym teacher wastes no time, "Here!" He throws you a baseball. You barely cath it and give out an unexptected "EEP!!" The teacher, who is a man in his late fifties, doesn't notice your yelp. "We're playing baseball today!" He cheers. "And you get to pick teams!" You sweat nervously and look at the rest of your class mates you stare at you anxiously. You had no idea who to pick on your team so you just chose randomly. Then you noticed Lyle was helping the gym teahcer as an assistant. You smile at him and he waves at you. You try your best at baseball to impress him but you fail epically, and end up tripping several times. He talks to you shortly, "Hey, _____. Do you... uhhh know the rules?" He asks. You nod sort of, "Well... kinda ya..." He laughs a bit, "All you do is swing the bat and run on the bases. Got it?" He asks you nod again. "Good. Oh, and uh, try not trip." He teased with a simple smile spread across his lips. You nearly jump out of your skin but try to hold yourself together. Lyle jogs off to talk to another player.
  14. You see Lyle talking to another girl.... he's hugging her... and flirting!! You huff angerly. Then you walk in the other direction. 'Ug!' You think. School is done shortly after that. You begin to walk home from school, you see the boy from lunch! You run over to him, "Hey!" You say. He looks at you surprised. You continue to speak, "I didn't get your name from earlier..." He looks away from you. "My... name is Skyler." He whispers. "Oh, that's a nice name. Mine's ___"
  15. You don't say much until he says he has to go in the other direction, then you are left walking home by your self. The day wasn't half bad.
  16. When you get home to your one bedroom apartment, you put the key in the knob to unlock it and then open the dorr. The apartment is dark inside, you could have sworn you had left the light on when you left this morning.... you walk in cautiously. But then you fell someone's hand on your mouth. You squirm and try to scream!! But you feel a strong hand holding you in place. You squirm even more!
  17. What will happen next??? See in the next quiz!!

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