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  • Why "shame on me" for not caring that "brave" is the last word of that song?

    US citizens are cowardly and dishonest, and this is NOT the "land of the free"...this is one of the most oppressive nations on earth.

    LIARSEVERYWHERE Mar 1 '19, 2:46PM
  • The pilgrims? Please send um on back to Europe plz. They ain’t American. I am native and white and I got like 70%

    Oneonta Sep 22 '18, 4:43AM
  • America wasn't founded on Christianity. Other than that, pretty good little quiz.

    fthis Oct 16 '13, 3:41PM
  • i am all american cool( :

    Marz Aug 14 '13, 8:56PM
  • The old American flag question... I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to send nylon flags to a specialty recycling place for them. ;)

    red55 Aug 9 '12, 11:13PM
  • 93%
    If I'd missed more than one question I would've been pissed! Since I'm American and all of these questions were easy...

    Pathabeo Jul 18 '12, 3:51AM
  • I was born in america but i'm korean

    weathermaker101 Oct 31 '11, 5:41PM
  • 93% cool.

    nksnow Aug 13 '11, 10:18AM
  • 100% and some other authors told me to "get out of (their) country"... maybe now some won't call me a $^*ù$^= anymore...

    kahlua Jul 7 '11, 11:42AM
  • 100% I am American and PROUD! :)

    Princess_L May 10 '11, 9:21PM
  • Thats cool that you live in germany. I have no idea what you said after that

    Kirsteen111 Jun 23 '10, 3:59PM
  • oh, i miss it in america! it was the best vacation i had in my life(and im only 12.) funny thing is, i live in germany and got 93%.:) ich wunschte ich konnte zuruck gehen...

    Liz456 May 14 '10, 6:42PM
  • Wether any president said that it was not founded on the christian religion, I strongly believe it was. Let me explain. There are two reasons, the laws and the pilgrims.
    The laws that were originally made were very christian like. They allowed prayer in school, they themselves were christians. They made some laws using the bible.
    The pilgrims went to America and actually started it. they left England for one reason, to have religous freedom. So, the people who settled America were christians, the people who made it were christians, and for a short time, christians lived in it. There were churches made and they invited the unsaved there too.
    In conclusion, the question I asked might depend on opinoin. Besides that none of the answers made sense. Muslim are you kidding me? LOL. Cathlic, nope! But personally, it was founded by christianity.

    Kirsteen111 May 3 '10, 6:09PM
  • "The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion."
    George Washington, 1796

    "Christiani ty neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law."
    Thomas Jefferson, February 10, 1814

    Foxsong May 3 '10, 4:36PM
  • 87%

    Prissy May 3 '10, 4:13PM
  • 80% not bad. I think mostly the football one threw me off XD

    paradox4 May 3 '10, 11:41AM
  • 93% all american

    xVaMpIrEx May 3 '10, 7:59AM

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