Are you smarter than me??? #3

Hello, and welcome back to, "Are You Smarter Than Me!" This is our 3rd anniversary and to celebrate it, we have a guest from last season here-YOU!!

Hello again, __________! Welcome back to the show! This time, you WILL win something! (but it's secrret) For those of you watching at home, please enjoy this episode! *man voice* Look in the parting words for a sneak peek of next week's episode.

Created by: Leafpool

  1. I'm sticking to the tradition of my other quizzes...what does (3+5)700+8000x500=?
  2. Yay, now the easier q's! WARRIORS fans, you should know this!!! Which of these is a prophecy that Dovewing recieved?
  3. What kind of dog is a cockapoo?
  4. What kind of cat is a persishire?
  5. Now, one of the easiest questions known to mankind...WHAT DO YOU DO IF THERE'S AN EMERGENCY?! (like a type of emergency when you have to call a certain number?)
  6. Now...NO MORE EFFECTS ON RESULTS DEAR CONTESTANT!!! How do you feel bout that?
  7. Who is your LEAST favorite cat from WARRIORS?
  8. What's your favorite pattern?
  9. Last question.
  10. Just kidding. Will you rate?
  11. Will you comment?
  12. Will you show this to your friends? (and please do)

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than me??? #3