sexiness scoring

ARE YOU SEXY you know you want to know! just take this test! and you'll never have to wonder if the people calling you ugly are lying! Doesn't that sound worth the 00.0$?

Aren't you smart you desided to read on to this paragraph! You'de be even smarter if you went on to the questions! Huh? HUH? You know you want to be even smarter!

Created by: someperson

  1. do you have tattoos or piercings?
  2. what style is your hair?
  3. how tall are you?
  4. Do you read [like, REALLY read?]
  5. do you have a girlfriend?
  6. how well muscled are you?
  7. look down, what do you see?
  8. did you lie on question, 8,2,1,6, or nine?
  9. how do you kiss?
  10. will/did you do anything for a girlfriend[s]
  11. are you attracted to EVERY girl you meet?

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