I Just Need You Here episode 10

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I am so happy that I could get the next one out to you all so soon!!! My mind was just exploding with ideas I did not want to forget!! This series is beginning to come to an end, but I will have to think of an idea for a newer series afterwards!

Are you curious? Will you and Nathan be separated? Or will you manage to stay together? Will Matthew eventually pop back up? Thank you so much for he comments people, keep them coming!

Created by: Ardeo9999

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  1. The couple considering adopting you two arrive the next day. They talk with you and Nate about your lifestyle, interests, families, and such. You and Nate try to act as grumpy as possible. But the couple still seem interested.
  2. "I think we'll take the girl," the couple annonces. The lady walks over to you. "Now, be a dear, and come live with us sweetie," she says and puts her arm around your shoulder. You place your head in your hands while a relentless stream of tears slip down your cheeks. Across the room, Nathan sits stone still, horrified. His blank stare does not waver. The staff stands up and walks over to the man. "Mr. Jeffrey, this is very hard for -------, but she will be fine once she is settled down, I'm sure. I'll set up the papers and you can take her." Just then, Nathan snaps out of his daze. "No!" he cries out in desperation. "No!" The staff lady continually asks Nate to be quiet but he will not stop, so she calls in an officer to take him away to another room for a moment.
  3. Soon, the papers are signed, the arrangements are made. You are driving away in the Jeffrey's car, seated in the backseat. You stare out the window crying, while Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey try to persuade you everything will be just fine. But it won't. You didn't even get to give Nathan a last kiss. Worse, they never even let you say goodbye.
  4. A month passes. You are now attending a girl's boarding school. You have no access to a computer for your email except in the library, and you almost never have the spare time to be in there. You barely hear from Nathan, who was taken in by a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Barnabüle, and he is sent to a highschool with the most drugged out kids ever. His new parents are cruel and do not treat him well at all. He is living in New York, and he is not often allowed on the computer.
  5. You can't seem to concentrate. All your mind is consumed with thoughts of Nathan. You can't get off him. A while back, he sent an email saying how much he loved and missed you (you live in Nova Scotia.) He told you how you were all he thought about all day, and someday he would find you.
  6. "Miss Jeffrey," your teacher Mrs. Gallpédro sternly calls out your name. You wake up from your daze. "Yes, Mrs.,?" you cringe. Oh no. Daydreaming again. "I want an answer to that question, NOW." she demands. The whole class turns and looks at you. "I- I-" you stutter. "I will be seeing you after class," the teacher stares you down. You look away and wipe a tear from your face. "Yes, Mrs." you cry. The class snickers as your lesson continues. You try hard to remain focused.
  7. After class, you are given detention and extra homework. You are up past curfew doing homework. The school owner comes by your room. "Lights out, young lady! You don't need anymore trouble today." she scolds. You hastily put away your books and turn out the light and crawl under your bed covers. Sobbing, you know you might never see Nathan again. Holding onto the hope of the promise he made to someday rescue you, you try to console yourself and finally find some sleep.
  8. After a few months pass by, you recieve an email from a society notifying a dead person's aqcuaintances of their friend's death. You open up the email to learn that Nathan was attacked after school one day by some drunk thugs from his school in a dark alley that ended up shooting him. You don't believe it. You go into a state of shock.
  9. You are crying every two seconds, and breaking down in the middle of classes. You teachers just yell at you and punish you for disturbing the other students. You are failing your grades, and have lost your apetite completly.
  10. I am so sorry I had to end the story this way, guys. There will be a final episode 11 to ens the series.

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