How much do you know Degrassi?

Do you love Degrassi. Do you know everything about it?Think you should even be on the show?Well then if you know so much about Degrassi then....

Take my quiz about how well you know Degrassi! If you know so much about it then take my quiz well take it!Like now please!blah blah blah...why are you still here take the quiz!

Created by: BabiiCakez
  1. Who did Craig cheat on Ashley with?
  2. Who shot Jimmy?
  3. Who did Craig ask to marry?
  4. Which one of these girls did Spinner NOT date?
  5. Now we are going on to the most recent episodes.
  6. Who DID Johnny date?
  7. Who was in The Dot with Spinner when Spinner got shoot?
  8. When Emma went to college what was her new Boyfriends name?
  9. Who is Holly's new boyfriend?
  10. Do you watch Degrassi?
  11. Do you think Allie is pretty?
  12. Do you think Spinner is hot?
  13. The quiz is done!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Degrassi?