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Fan-created quizzes on the popular teen drama series, Degrassi. Only true fans will ace these.

Our Degrassi Quiz List

  • How well do you know Degrassi: Next Class?
    [by: Savanna, rated: rated: 4.1/5, published: Apr 20, 2017]

    Have you ever seen the famous Canadian show Degrassi? If so, how well do you know it? It seems easy and it probably is, just try and get every question right!!

  • How Obsessed with Degrassi are you?
    [by: Bridget Hanna, rated: rated: 3.52/5, published: Jul 23, 2009]

    Pretty much the best show ever known, Degrassi deals with teen situations that are always occurring in our world today. Its easy to love this show, and be…

  • Which Degrassi Character are You (girls)?
    [by: Paige, rated: rated: 3.08/5, published: Aug 17, 2006]

    This quiz is a quiz to find out which Degrassi character you are most like. There are many characters on Degrassi with different personalities so you may not…

  • How Well Do YOU Know Degrassi
    [by: Mailin14, rated: rated: 2.89/5, published: Jan 23, 2011]

    This quiz is all about Degrassi. It tests your knowledge on the basics and might make you learn a few new things about the show. Just be aware the questions…

  • How Holly J Are You?
    [by: HollyJ, rated: rated: 2.8/5, published: Dec 12, 2010]

    There are many Degrassi fans out there in the world! Most of those Degrassi fans know which Degrassi character they want to be like. Do you want to be like…

  • How well do you know Degrassi?
    [by: Taj, rated: rated: 2.67/5, published: Nov 3, 2010]

    I created this Degrassi quiz to show my fascination with the show and to see who else is a Super Degrassi Fan like myself. So if you are you'll have no…

  • What Degrassi Character are You?
    [by: Talksz123, rated: rated: 2.48/5, published: Jul 8, 2010]

    There are a lot of characters in Degrassi-- have you ever wondered who you were most like from the students in Degrassi? Well here is a quick chance to find…

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