How well do you know Degrassi: Next Class?

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Have you ever seen the famous Canadian show Degrassi? If so, how well do you know it? It seems easy and it probably is, just try and get every question right!!

Take my quiz and see how well you know the show, it might just be one of the best shows in history, even before Full House! (yes I'm a nerd...) Just take my quiz already...

Created by: Savanna
  1. Who is Maya Matlin dating in the beginning of the series?
  2. What does Esme get Miles into and why?
  3. What happens to the Degrassi kids during the volleyball game?
  4. Why did Lola and Shay begin to fight?
  5. What happened to Maya at the end of the third season?
  6. What is wrong with Grace?
  7. Who does Tinny date first?
  8. What happened to Hunter?
  9. Who got affected the most in the Degrassi bus crash?
  10. Who does Miles date through the whole series?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Degrassi: Next Class?