How Well Do YOU Know Degrassi

This quiz is all about Degrassi. It tests your knowledge on the basics and might make you learn a few new things about the show. Just be aware the questions are based on Season 1-6.

If you never watched Seasons 1-6 take the quiz anyway or got to the Degrassi wikia. It gives you all the facts and details on upcoming episodes. Most important, Have Fun!

Created by: Mailin14
  1. Who is Sean Cameron?
  2. Is Ellie married? (if yes, to who?)
  3. Which of the following group of girls ended up pregnant as a teen? (on Degrassi of course)
  4. Which of the following girls dated Rick?
  5. Who is Rick?
  6. When did Emma get her period?
  7. Who was Emma's first date?
  8. Which of the following group of girls did JT go on a date with and/or had a relationship with?
  9. Was Anya ever captain of the Power/ Spirit Squad?
  10. Who created the Power/Spirit Squad?
  11. Who were the first members of the Power/Spirit Squad?

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