How Obsessed with Degrassi are you?

Pretty much the best show ever known, Degrassi deals with teen situations that are always occurring in our world today. Its easy to love this show, and be excited for the next new episode (even if its coming out in a month). To know all about the characters and scenes that have occurred, you must be a Degrassi GENIUS!

Are YOU 100% obsessed with Degrassi? Do you have what it takes to qualify for this prestigious title? Until now, you'd never know just how much you are devoted to this show. Thanks to this quiz, you will soon be able to find out just how obsessed you are!

Created by: Bridget Hanna
  1. Who shot Jimmy?
  2. How did Ellie deal with her mom's alcoholism?
  3. Who is Mannie's BFF?
  4. What 3 channels of Time Warner Cable play Degrassi?
  5. Who did Craig once propose to, and then get turned down?
  6. Where did Alli and Johnny hook up?
  7. Who is Holly J. St. Claire's infamous older sister?
  8. Who broke her leg during a cheerleading stunt?
  9. Why did Jane temporarily break up with Spinner?
  10. Why did Darcy start liking Mr. Simpson?
  11. Who does Peter develop feelings for after Darcy goes to Africa for mission work?
  12. What incident left Liberty lonely and confused?
  13. What college do Manny, Emma, and Liberty attend?
  14. What college does Paige drop out of?
  15. Who encourages his close friends to eat brownies and smoke pot?
  16. Who did Riley once try to kiss?
  17. What disorder was Connor diagnosed with?
  18. What is Anya willing to do to save her and Sav's relationship?
  19. Who is Liberty's little brother?
  20. What teacher does Paige have a major crush on?
  21. Marco acquires money by...
  22. What did Craig do after Ashley denied his proposal?
  23. Who made Jimmy look like the bad guy before Rick's shooting decided to shoot him?
  24. Which play does Liberty plan and direct?
  25. Manny once asked "could you be anymore self-obsessed" to whom?
  26. Who is Darcy's little sister?
  27. What often happens when Paige gets upset?
  28. What secret does Darcy reveal to Jane about Peter?
  29. What is the name of the Degrassi high band that wears bunny masks?
  30. Who asked Manny to go to prom, and she then rejected him?
  31. Why was Sean sent to prison?
  32. Where do Spinner and Holly J work?
  33. How many seasons of Degrassi have there been?
  34. What does Jay spread around the school?
  35. The protest involving the phrase "We Hate Holly J!"" was started by whom?
  36. Who lived in a group home before coming to Degrassi?
  37. How does Jay retrieve the engagement ring he gave Manny from the pawn shop?
  38. Who is the father of Mia's daughter, Isabella?

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