Who is your Degrassi BFF?

Are u like,hollyJ,spin,Manny...ect. Dont just want to be bffs with your fave Degrassi person. Find out if you really should relly be bffs with he/she. You never know who is your true Degrassi bff.

Who is you DEGRASSI BFF? Is it who you thought? Find out which Degrassi character belongs in your group. Untill now aDegrassi fan could only wonder. In a few minutes u will find out!

Created by: HollyJ
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you popular?
  2. do u want 2 be anactor/actress?
  3. are u atheletic.
  4. are you smart?
  5. are you smart?
  6. are your parents strick?
  7. Do you love 2 party!?
  8. Wich 1 of these best discribes you and your bf/gf
  9. U and u bff....
  10. u r...

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Quiz topic: Who is my Degrassi BFF?