degrassi quiz111

soooooooo what r u doing well gpot to keep talking to well i hope you like the quiz cuz you did great absolutely awesome so hope you know you did pretty well srry got to keep talking to you well hopefully i am almost finished

okay i cant to giberish and i cant do the same thing over and over againg so i actually have to type words in and so this is realy hard so what is up huh well you did great so im not going to worry hope you watch degrassi

Created by: maria
  1. in the episode rock this town which charater throws the party?
  2. who dies in rock this town
  3. which one has red hair
  4. what was jt known as
  5. who sayed"have you ever asked me,just once if this is what i wanted""because the old me is gone"
  6. whod jt get pregnant
  7. who shaved his hair off cause of cancer
  8. whos belimic
  9. who was annerexic
  10. whos mr. simpson
  11. how many boyfriends has manny had
  12. whos emmas true love
  13. who was in a coma

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