Are You A Degrassi Fan?

They are many smart people in the world,and i know this is not a smart quiz,but it is something to have fun with and enjoy when you are bored sitting at home.It is really enjoyable.So I hope you understand why i created this quiz.

are you a degrassi fan?Do you have the memory to remember what happened on degrassi.but thanks to this quiz,in just a few minutes you will find out!so sit back and enjoy because you will soon find out woohoo if you are a huge fan od degrassi!

Created by: Alyssa Hogan

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  1. Who was Emma's online stalker?
  2. Who had an abortion?
  3. What does JT stand for?
  4. who video taped manny's breast?
  5. what girl is a christian?
  6. who did rick shoot on the school shooting episode?
  7. Who was a cocaine addict?
  8. wh ends up being engaged?
  9. who was emo?
  10. who switched to private school after being put in a coma by rick?
  11. What guy is gay?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Degrassi Fan?