love is in the air... part 2

*READ THESE FIRST* ok, so your name is lizzie and you go to degree high. you met two boys there and your meeting some more now! (just to warn you, some MORE boys might be appearing in the NEXT one, so tune in!) if you didn't take the first 1, do so before you take this 1 :)

the boys that you met/ are going to meet: Ethan- a sweet character, charming, tall, has blue eyes and blonde hair, and obviously likes you. Josh- an emo-y type, strong and sensitive,has black hair and dark brown eyes and is medium height. Sam- a bad boy, cunning, yet sneaky, medium height (same as josh), red hair and blue eyes. Philip- veery strange (you'll know what I mean when you take the quiz), bold, has brown hair with a green highlight, and green (or so you think ;) ) eyes.

Created by: Rebecca

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  1. You keep drifting in and out of consciousness. every single time you wake up, you see a boy with red hair fighting ethan, then he shoots a bright light at you and you float back into darkness.
  2. but one time, you wake up and expect to be passed out again. but... you find yourself in a room. a rather small room infact; you weren't on a bed (like most other quizes), you were on a stone cold... floor! then you lok around. ITS A JAIL CELL! you can barely stand and you feel sick, blargh. eww, you throw up all over the left side of the room! you dont know what to do, cry, try to run, hide, scream, or anything else! then, you hear a low moan.
  3. "ah, my head!" says the moan. "ethan!" you cry. "are you ok?!" "ya im *oof* fine. its you im worried about. are you ok?" he replys. 'aww hes worried about me!' you think. "not to good. i think im gonna be sick again!" you say, then you throw up. again. "Lizzie i wish i could just reach you!" ethan said, in a worried voice. "that would make it better." he murmured. you still heard him. "what do you mean, touching me would it would make it all better?" you say curiously.
  4. "Lizzie..." his voice trailed off. suddenly,someone walked into the room. "well, well, well. it isn't miss McGill is it? oh, and mr. ethan, oh what a pleasent suprise." said the man. he stepped into the light, and you saw that it was the red haired guy! (he also has blue eyes) you thought, 'how did he know my name?' immediately after he said, "well, lizzie, this, fine young man told me. suprise? yes i can read thoughts. so be careful what you think. >:) oh dear, i dont think i introduced myself properly yet. my name is sam. and you," he said pointing to ethan and you. "are my prisoners.any questions? no? good." he said. he walks off and you think, 'idiot.' then you feel a rush of electricity go through your body, and you pass out again. in the darkness you hear, "i told you i could read minds! MWAHAHAHA!" and ethan yelling, "LIZZIE!" then, nothing.
  5. sorry #6 was so long and 8 is so long :]
  6. you wake up again, and your in a different room. "ethan?" you whisper. "ethan where are you? anyone? where am i?" "your in the attic." someone says. "what? who is that?" you demand. there is only 1 tiny widow in the whole room, so the voice stands up into the light. "im phillip" said the voice. "we are the only ones up here." he has brown hair with a green streak and dark green eyes. "well, why am i up here then?" you ask. "either because you are too dangerous, or to keep you away from someone. in my case, im too dangerous. im......" long pause, "a vampire." just then you see his eyes change from dark green to blood red. "ohmigod" you say under your breath. "ive been in here for i dont know how many years. im immortal. everyone else who came here died from hunger, too thick air..." his voice trailed off. then he started to lean forward, then he ran away. "You must stay away from me! the real reason they throw you up here is for my supper! thats how everyone died! i musnt harm you for reasons you will not beileve me of! try to escape!" he yells, obviously resisting the temptation to attack.
  7. you look around for something- ANYthing- to help you get out. you feel around, since of corse its an attic so its dark lol, and you find a dead body. 'eewww' you think. but then, you notice, hes carrying a... SWORD! you pick it up, and stab it into the ground. "yes, take it! make a hole and run away from me!" phillip says.
  8. you cut a hole in the ground and the circle falls to the floor. uh oh. you squish a guard on the level below! whoopsie dasiy. "goodbye phillip" you say. "goodbye, now run!" he shouts flinging towards you. you panic and jump down then hole. luckly, hes to big to fit down it. "goodbye!" he shouts. you run, anywhere! you have know idea where you're going!
  9. 'at least i have a sword' you think. meanwhile... "oh god, what am i going to do??" says ethan. "ooh, i HATE that guy!! he always does this! every single one, he takes! EVERY ONE!!" he yells ashe works on the bars. what is he talking about? back to you... you run around blankly not knowing where to go and you finaly findsome stairs. 'they cant hurt' you think. you slowly walk down the creeky stairs, sword in hand.
  10. you step on the firs creeky stair AND... nothing. then the next...! Nothing again. you get to the bottom stair and... 10 gaurds come rushing at you! without knowing what you are doing, you jump up in the air and do a triple front flip and land so hard, all the gaurds fall down and you kill them all!!! suddenly, you see a dark shadow against the giant wall...
  12. who do you like?
  13. lol just to tell you, if you thought that it was weird, i normaly make it up as i go along, so sometimes IM suprised at what it comes out as! i have no real plans :)~ especialy when you met phillip! i was SO suprised!!
  14. bye bye!!!
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