What do you REALLY know about crop circles

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Crop circles have been appearing for decades, and have become extremely intricate and clever. Have you thought why this might be? Do you really understand them?

This test is designed to reveal how connected you are with the phenomenon, how much you really understand, how your view of the 'key players' stacks up, and basically where your interest in crop circles currently is.

Created by: Roger Wibberley
  1. What is a crop circle?
  2. Crop circles are created when?
  3. Which people attempt to make a serious study of crop circles?
  4. Which of the following runs an organisation known as The Dumb Carousel?
  5. When a crop circle displays bent nodes, does this show...
  6. When Michael Glickman wrote his book "The Bones of God" was he referring to...
  7. When Matthew Williams was arrested for making a crop circle, who was the 'researcher' who betrayed his trust and shopped him?
  8. When Monique Klinkenbergh captured the 2012 Knoll Down formation on video, who was the person who then (and still now) denied it existed?
  9. What is the difference between crop circle makers and crop circle researchers?
  10. When you look at an aerial shot of a crop circle that has 'combing' within the circles, do you believe...
  11. When crop circle researchers claim that 'paranormal forces' are the creator, is it normal to respond...
  12. When Janez Ferjancic announced the Crop Circle Challenge 2013, was it...

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Quiz topic: What do I REALLY know about crop circles