Does She Like You?

Do you ever wonder if the girl you have your eyes on has feeling for you too? What if she is not interested even though you're dating? What if she thinks you're a dope?

Take this quiz to figure out! See if she really likes you and whether you want to ask her out. Or you want to know what to do to get her attention to ask her out in the future.

Created by: Tom
  1. Does she look at you sometimes? Like a hopeful face?
  2. Does she talk to you?
  3. Do you make jokes at her? If so, how does she react?
  4. Has she ever stood up to you?
  5. How often do y'all talk?
  6. How often do you show the you like her?
  7. Does she hang out with other boys? Does she treat them the same as you?
  8. Why do you like her?
  9. Does she fidget?
  10. Does she allow you to get close?

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