What feeling does your eyes hold?

"I know, I know about eye quizzes but I think no one made one about feelings. Am I crazy but I acually know which one you are mostly like. Happy or sad, Innocent or Exitement, just take this quiz to find out."

"Which one does YOUR eyes hold? Do you have the courage to take this quiz....OF COURSE YOU DO! So take it fast, also I might be making a Girl adivice for guys soon if you get love. Thanks to this amazing quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out which one you will get."

Created by: Darkbloom
  1. Favourite colour?
  2. The following are random questions then riddles which will have no effect exept for random questions. Only choose ONE for randon questions.I meant like ONE question. The others: PASS
  3. Do you have sorrow and people hating you? =(
  4. Be honest with every question ok? Do you have a crush or a boy/girl friend?
  5. What are you feeling right now? (not random question)
  6. Do you mostly get the blame?
  7. OK So riddle time! >U
  8. Do you want to? If no then don't answer the following questions.
  9. If I eat I grow but if I drink water I die. What am I? (Please try)
  10. The correct answer was Fire.John is taller than Mark, Mark is shorter than Tom. Who is the shortest?
  11. The correct answer was Mark. Now have a good time and stop wasting lots of it by reading this. =P

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Quiz topic: What feeling does my eyes hold?