How Well Do You Know Disney's Cinderella?

How well do you know Disney's Cinderella? Take this to find out! This quiz is a bit difficult because I added some details that you might've not remembered, but good luck and thanks for taking this!

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Created by: Teresa22
  1. Who did Cinderella claim her original, pink dress for the ball gown belonged to?
  2. Is Cinderella born a princess?
  3. What's the stepmother's cat's name?
  4. Which isn't the name of a stepsister?
  5. The mouse Gus's full name is what?
  6. What does Cinderella feed the animals?
  7. What's the name of the prince?
  8. What was left at the ball?
  9. What's the stepmother's name?
  10. How does Cinderella get to the ball?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Disney's Cinderella?