Giving Love A Shot Part 12

Sorry this part took me so long! :( I had midterms and I have this music audition in a few weeks so, pretty busy. I hope you understand and enjoy this part! :) It's been a while so I'm putting the character descriptions (the still living ones and important) at the bottom. All of them are 16 except Matt who's 17.

Sean: Tall and muscular. He has wavy brown hair and gray eyes. Jock. Claire: Red shoulder length hair (red not orange). Green eyes. Meduim height. Your best friend in the series. Ben: Curly brown/black hair. Meduim/short. Blue/gray eyes. Other best friend. Kyle: Tall. Short sandy hair. Blue/gray/green eyes. Sean's fake friend (pretended to be friends). Alex: Skater hair, black with red streak. Medium height. Hazel eyes. Claire's boyfriend. Lucy: Long strawberry blonde hair with side bangs. Blue eyes. Shortish. Fashion queen. Sarah: Carmel hair. Medium height. Blue eyes. Random stranger you picked up off the street. Mitchelle: Ginger hair. Brown eyes. Meduim height. Contest winner. Danny: Light brown hair. Purplish eyes. Medium height. Matt: Tall. Skateboarder hair dirty blonde. Green eyes.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Sitting back at the park having lunch we dicussed what the clue could've meant. "Nikki Minaj hit song." I said tapping a pencil against a note pad. "Super Bass?" Sarah provided helpfully. "No, I don't think that's it. . ." I sighed sadly. "What's that new one called?" Danny asked, who was sitting next to Sarah with his arm around her waist. It was subtle, but it still gave me as much of a third wheel feeling that being around Alex and Claire gave me. I grimmaced, but not enough for them to notice. I bit the eraser to the pencil slightly. "Oh, Fly?" Kyle asked. "Yeah! That one. It could be reffering to that girl's powers or saying Mitchelle needs to fly to get us there!" Matt exclaimed. "Thunder theif." Danny muttered under his breath.
  2. I wrote down 'Nikki Minaj hit song=Fly' in the note pad. I wrote on the next line, 'combine with the powers of the young lover' and put the pencil down. "Okay, next line 'combine with the powers of the young lover'. There are a lot of 'young lovers' here. So who's it reffering to?" Mitchelle asked. "Well, we know it's not ________." Alex said in a tone that sounded smug. He was smirking. I gave him a death glare. "Why can't it be _________?" Lucy asked in my defence. Alex who was busy being Romeo by playing with Claire's hair, snapped out of it. "Hmmm?" he asked. Lucy rolled her eyes and repeated the question. "Next time pay attention Romeo" she snapped. Claire giggled and Alex blushed. "Shut up!" he snapped at Lucy. "What I meant was, it can't be _________ because she's who they're reffering to at the end of the message" he said in the same angry tone. "Ohhh" I said.
  3. "So, any ideas of who it IS?" I asked. This time Kyle spoke up. "I think it's either Sarah or Claire" he whispered. They both blushed. "Hmmm. True" I said and tapped the pencil agaist my chin. They both made it pretty obvious of who their lovers were. "Okay, we've narrowed it down to two" Claire said, still red from Kyle putting the spotlight on her. "So which one of us is it?" Sarah asked her. Claire shrugged. "Well, who's powers would fit the description?" I asked. We all thought in silence for a moment.
  4. "Well I think the last part is obvious" Mitchelle said breaking the silence. "What?" we all asked in unison. "It's 'Flying' with something, 'to find _______'s other' that means Ben. So flying combined with what? Speed, so flying fast, or physic powers?" she summed up. I pondered this for a moment. "Sarah" I exclaimed. "What?" she asked. "No, I mean Sarah is the young lover!" I explained getting excited.
  5. I wrote in the note pad 'the young lover=Sarah' skipped a line and wrote 'to find the other girl's significant other=to find Ben' and put down the pencil. "So, we have to Fly fast to get to Ben?" I asked to clairfy. "Think so" Matt mumbled. He seemed like he was keeping something from us. I don't know why, but it seemed that way. "How are we gonna do that?" Mitchelle asked. We all looked to Sarah and Mitchelle. "What?" they asked. "It's your powers" Danny said.
  6. Mitchelle's face brightened up, "I think I get it!" she exclaimed. "I don't" Sarah said with a nervous laugh. "I think it means, Sarah has to run and try to find them, while I try to find them in the sky!" she explained. "So what are we supposed to do?" Matt asked guesturing to the rest of us. "I dunno" Mitchelle shrugged.
  7. "Some of you could stay here and the other try to follow in a car?" Sarah tried to help. "I think the rest of us should just go in the car." I offered. I didn't like the idea of us spliting up. "I'm good with that" Matt mumbled. Everyone else, more or less, agreed. "Who's ready to go?" Danny asked.
  8. We brought along Mr. Cuddlepants. He made the car ride less tense. It wasn't really tense though, it was flat out boring. Unless you call a pidgeon pooing on the car interesting. Mitchelle and Sarah moved at about the same speed, which was good. Unfortunatly, that speed was faster than the car. -.- After about two hours of driving, they alerted us that they found their headquarters. Where Ben hopefully was. I wondered how they could tell. All of the buildings had pretty much the same idea. Not enough variation to scream, "HEY! LOOK AT ME! I'M AN EVIL HQ!" That would've been helpful though. I asked them if they were sure and they seemed positive.
  9. After another hour of driving we got to an office building. It looked like any other until we got pretty close. It was a subtle change, but still a change. Around the building in a bubble-like shape was a redish haze. I wondered why mortals didn't notice and opened my mouth to ask, but Claire explained first. "Magic buildings have something for other nonmortals to identify the organization. That's why these people don't notice. Red is the color for the evil side of the magic world. It symbolizes passion, which can be good, but in their case it's for hate. Our side of the magic world is blue. Rebirth. Although this war happens in little splurts, it's still ongoing. Our side is hoping for it to end soon so we can all start as a new society as one." she finished nicely. "Do the sides have actual names?" I asked. "Yeah, good side is 'A Phoenix's Begining'. We sometimes say APB. The evil side is 'Surrender And Die'. Called SAD. Our color is blue, symbol is a phoenix. Their color is red, symbol a boar." Matt answered intelligently. Made sense. Blue, rebirth. We want a new begining. Phoenix, rebirth as well. Supports the idea. The name I took as meaning if we win, everything in our past is let go of. As if a phoenix were dying. Then reborn. No grudges, no left over hate. Whereas, red, hate. Boar, vicious. Surrender and die. To them, if you're weak enough to surrender, you're dead to them. Which is also like a boar, stubborn.
  10. We piled out of the car. We had parked in the lot so we wouldn't seem as suspicious. "What took you so long?!" Sarah exclaimed. "Traffic" Alex muttered bitterly. Matt rolled his eyes, "What matters is that we're here now" he explained. I swear I heard that girl again. "Not for long. . ." she whispered. Well, what I THOUGHT she whispered. I wans't entirely sure that I heard her. Until a ninja star came flying toward us. I looked back to see the girl again. It was aimed pretty well, the part I feared next, was who it was going to hit.
  11. I was too busy looking to see what the girl was going to do next to see where the star went. Big mistake. It hit. . . ME! Or so I thought it was going to. It was frozen. Not moving at all, until it dropped with a clang against the pavement.

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