Giving Love A Shot Part 24

READ THIS! Okay, so due to this long part, I came up with some new ideas and I hate ending on a wierd number (I like to end on something ending with 5 or 0) so I'm going to 30! :D Comments?

Sorry if you guys don't like this part. :/ It's long and there's a bunch of fall offs and a scene with Sean that will definatly throw you off! Oh, and although this is a magic fight, most of the people I mentioned fight with a sword. :/ I don't know why I did that. . .

Created by: Teresa22

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  1. When I opened my eyes again, my hands were still interlaced with Ben's, but my clothes were normal and so was the setting. Kinda. While we were gone, all Hell broke loose. There weren't many people, they probably thought this was just a chance to get rid of some of us before taking on the whole army. But they still overpowered us. Mitchy was everywhere. Flying here, teleporting there, sneak attacks, the whole deal. Grace was way better than I assumed she'd be, then I remembered, she was an undercover APB agent. I didn't have time to pinpoint anyone else before a sword came flying towards my face. I could only hold up my arms in defense before Ben's blade met the enemy's. He lead the fight away from me and I got out my knife.
  2. Alex had lost sight of Claire. That was not good. If only one thing mattered to him, it was keeping her safe. As a soldier came his way, he willed the man to stab his own head with an arrow. The man did with a sickening crack. Alex grimacced. He would've thrown up if he didn't keep in mind that this was for the greater good of the future. He removed the bow from the man's dead, iron grip and the sheath from his back. He would've taken the one from his head to, but the though was cruel and he didn't haev time. He also found a small vile in the man's belt, which he also took with a little pouch he had no time to check.
  3. Matt looked himself over. Unsurprisingly, he was gone. —Well, I'm here, obviously, but. . .— he paused in his thoughts, unable to word exactly what was going through his mind. He was definatly glad he was invisible so he had time to observe this strange feauture. He could do this without the ring, of course, but it wouldn't be long before risking being skewered. — The ring makes it easier, I'll leave it at that— he confirmed, satisfied with his conclusion. A soldier backed towards him and he whacked the soldier, this one female, with the hilt of his own family dagger, right in the temple. The woman collapsed and Matt drove the dagger into her throat, causing the lady to breifly disappear from view. After the small knife was out, she reappeared. After rummaging a moment for anything usful in her belt or small messenger sack, he slinked away, back into the shadows to wait for another victim.
  4. The swordsman Ben was facing was striking everywhere, it almost seemed at random. But Ben knew better. The foe was trying to wear him out and it even started to work. The sword master sent a blow to his shoulder, which stung on impact. Ben sucked in a quick breath and squeezed his eye shut. A flicker of an image passed by and he snapped his eyes open dispite the pain. He lunged at the man and struck the flat of the sword against the man's left cheek. The man put up a hard fight though and was persistent. He leaped at him and managed to scratch Ben's thigh. Ben could barely blink because of the vivid image that would pass through his concious every milisecond he closed his eyes. The enemy had armor, a great advantage. Ben was down on his knees when the foe raised the sword above his neck, right where his spinal cord would be severed, and thrusted downward. Ben grabbed his sword and plunged it up towards the same spot the enemy was aiming for on the back of his neck. Blood poured out.
  5. As I brought thed knife up I saw my wrist. I still had the braclet from Ben's world. I stabbed the person I was fighting, twice, for the first time the cheap kitchen knife didn't kill, and examined it closer. I don't know why, I knew I should. I turned my wrist, right then left, the silver glinting in the fire light from the chaos behind me. I slipped it off, being careful not to break the frail hoop, but it came off perfectly. It was just the right size to slip off with ease, but it wouldn't come off my wrist while wearing it until I tried to take it off. It instantly turned into a new dagger. It was silver with a leather handle and the gold caligraphy 'I love you' was etched into the blade. It was perfect. The balance, the feel in my hand. I didn't feel like a weapon, it felt like an extension of my arm. I smiled. "Ben. . ." I whispered contently to myself.
  6. Claire screamed and immediatly after the sound escaped her lips, her hadns were clasped over them. Whenever an enemy would aproach one of her friends, she immagined death and it was just too much. She scurried up a tree to at least make it harder to reach her while she was useless. She got a vivid vision and had to grab the closest branch so she didn't fall from the tree. Her eyes turned white and glowed in the darkness of the deserted barn yard. It was worse than any of the others. Alex was being shadowed by a girl that had blonde hair, about halfway down her back with a teal streak that framed the right side of her face. Her face was beautiful. She was pale and had striking blue eyes. She was wearing navy blue short shorts and a floral print shirt. She could've eaisly blended into the flowers and shadows. She seemed harmless to Claire, but when Alex finally noticed something odd, he looked terrifyied. The mystery girl could've just hit the ground and gone on with her stalking, but she stood her ground. "I thought you were dead" he whispered. The girl said nothing, but tilted her head, as if confused. "Didn't Sean. . . you know, get you killed?" he asked trying to calm himself. She smiled. At first it seemed a little demonic, but she approached Alex and he let her advance, as if he were too scared to move. She stood about a foot away from him before reaching her flawless hands out towards him. The nails sparkled. They had shiny purple polish. The girl touched his shoulder and he let out a scream as Claire snapped out of it.
  7. I stepped quietly into the woods, knowing Sean would place the battle in a place that worked to his advantage. So pretty much: fine the creepiest, darkest place in this lot. ~ After about 10 minutes of treading through muck and grime a voice made me stop cold. "Looking for me?" it asked. I relaxed my shoulders and turned slowly. "I already found you" I replied cooly. When I completed the 180 turn I was faced to, none other than, Sean. He was a mess. Hair all messy and bloodshot eyes. To describe him in one word? Gone. Gone was his laidback personality. Gone was the bad-boy that had all the moves in all the right places. And his eyes. . . his sanity was simply just. . . gone.
  8. His eyes had a flash of sanity for a milisecond before he turned on me, sword in hand. He lunged at me and I rolled to the left. Not quick enough to aviod the sharp blade from grazing my forearm though. He jumped at me and I literally mean jumped. He charged and hit hard, the force knocking me off my feet. I tried to get up, but he was on top, his hands on my shoulders, the sword currently to my right and out of his hands. If we were in a public place and no one suspected the magical fight, they might've thought we were lovers, his face was inches from mine. His breath was suprisingly. . . not exactly pleasant, but not as bad as I supposed it would be for a insane fighter. He smelled of wintergreen and pine. "It doesn't have to be like this. . ." he whispered, his eyes suddenly appearing less red, his voice actually sounded. . . sincire. I just stared at him, too confused to do really anything. One of his hands left my shoulder and caressed my face. The touch was oddly gentle. He leaned down and at first I thought he was going to bite my neck or something like Dracula. Play seductive then BAM, your blood's gone. But he was kissing me. I must've been breathing with my mouth open because I felt his tongue in my mouth as well. The next part horrifyied me more than anything I'd ever gone through. I was kissing him back. That's why his tongue was interlocked with mine, and the fact I did that was scary. He was the bad guy and although my conscience realized it, my mind and body couldn't. In fact, they wanted more and as I, in my mind, thought that, I had my legs wrapped around him and my arms around him, pulling him closer. I could barely breathe, but I couldn't stop. —What is WRONG with you?!— I asked myself, furious. I kept going. My conscience and body were in a huge conflict and I was a bystander. My conscience was unfortuantly losing, because my body also had my brain on its side, I was helpless and my physcially, I couldn't do anything about it. He finally jerked his head away and I noticed, I wasn't breathing. Well, I was, but I had to gasp for air. One hand stayed on my cheek, the other Sean placed on my lower back. I tensed. He smiled and leaned down again, but instead of kissing me, whispered, "I love you"
  9. —No one can know— Lucy thought while sneaking around, nonvisible. She was searching for Kyle. There was nothing going on, but she was worried. Knowing someone since birth. . . their death would be hard to handle. She saw one of his arrows with the bright yellow feathers on the end stabbed into a tree. "Kyle" she muttered to herself, running her hads over the arrow before pulling it out. She hear a small moan and ran to it. The body was definatly his. "Kyle!" she exclaimed, careful not to draw attention. In the relief, the arrow fell from her hand. She rushed over and pushed him onto his back. He was almost dead and there wasn't anything anyone could do. She made herself visible. "Kyle?" she asked running a hand over his forehead. "Lucy? Get out of here!" he said, a little harsh. She teared up. "W-why?" her voice cracked. Kyle softened. "No, Lucy. . . it's not like that. It's not safe and. . . I-I don't want you to see me like this." he finished getting a bit choked up. Lucy reached down and hugged him. "I'm not going anywhere" she promised. He smiled and a tear rolled down. His spinal cord had been severed by his own arrow, but an enemy had stabbed it in there. He was just glad to be with Lucy in these last moments. "Lucy, just know" he started, losing blood fast. "Yeah?" she asked, not picking her head up. "I—" he paused again, eyes wide. The same girl that had tried to kill him was back and would finish him off and add Lucy to the death toll, no doubt. "Kyle. . ?" she asked after he'd been silent for a while. In that moment the archer hit the arrow Lucy had dropped in the excitment of seeing Kyle into her back and she collapsed ontop of him.
  10. Five hours into the battle. Six hours of hosting the spirits. —You've done good— she convinced herself, wiping a tear from her eye. Mitchy had taken out maybe half the army, well, what was there when they started, reinforcements came. She had been laying on the ground for maybe two minutes. She'd killed another soldier, one skilled hand-to-hand combat, and had walked away before she collapsed. She knew immediatly: the powers only worked for so long before taking life. She felt the power draining away, even her own ability to fly was fading. She knew she had little to no time left. "Please," she begged to no one in particular. "Just let me die with a beautiful last sight. . ." and she looked up. A perfect veiw of a cloud that looked like a butterfly. Free and light, surrounded by night stars. "Thank you. . ." she spoke with barely enough sound to be audible. And with that she closed her eyes. When her eyes shut for the final time, the last breath escaped her lips and all was still for a moment. With that dying wish a fog came out. It would appear to be from hot breath into cold air, but it came out as a single wisp. Mitchy's body faded away and the fog was her in the same clothes she'd died in, but clean. Freshly washed, dried, and even ironed. Her hair was a mohawk style with blue and red highlights. Her spirit smiled, looked up, and evaporated.

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