Will Your LDR Work Out?

LDR, also known as "long distance relationship". So, how long will yours last? Take this quiz to find out! I don't know for sure, anything can happen if you try hard to make it happen.

Comment and rate so I know how I did. Hopefully not too bad. Yet again, I'm not 100% sure on your answers because different people have different relationships and such I made this off a general feeling and observation.

Created by: Teresa22
  1. How often do you talk to your partner? (pick closest)
  2. How long have you been together?
  3. How often do you two fight/break up and get back together?
  4. Can you honesty say you love them?
  5. How trusting are you?
  6. Do you trust your partner?
  7. From what they've told you, do they seem like the type to get a lot of guys/girls?
  8. Do you think it will last a while?
  9. Do you want it to last awhile?
  10. Do you believe them when they say they love you? (If they've said it)
  11. Are you happy in your relationship?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir LDR Work Out?