why does ur bf like u

How is your relationship going? The title was typed wrong it is really," Do I need to up my relationship game?" So, do you? I am the relationship guru for my friends so why shouldn't I share it with the world?

Perfect relationships don't come easy! This quiz is to help you not tell you to do anything u don't want to do. Not make you change if you don't want to change. I am here solely to give advice based off your answers! Thank you.

Created by: kassie

  1. Do you call ur bf babe?
  2. Do u call him any bad names?
  3. Are u open minded when talking about ur feelings?
  4. Do u sleep with him?
  5. Have u ever yelled at him before?
  6. Have u ever gone at it before? (This is entirely confidential, so no one will know what u answered!)
  7. Are u ever vain?
  8. How many exes do u have?
  9. Do u like to go out on date.
  10. Do u like to go out in public with him?

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