will our relationship last (girls only)

My relationships don't generally last long and that inspired me to create this quiz and I thought it would be fun for you to know if me and you really go together...

So do you think a relationship between me and you could last more than 7 months (the longest relationship I've been in) well what are you waiting for go ahead and take this quiz like a champ. HOT STUFF...

Created by: Marco
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you...
  2. Are you outgoing?
  3. How much do u love food?
  4. How much do u love (I can't believe I'am saying his name) Justin Bieber?
  5. What's your ideal 1st date?
  6. I have black-brownish hair, gorgeous (according 2 compliments) light brown eyes, I'am tall, medium muscular build, miniature dimples when I crack a smile and under 18 years old-would u go steady with me?
  7. Which do u prefer: Nissan GT-R, Marco Phillando or Michelle Jeneker? (stupid question, I know, SORRY!!!)
  8. What do u want in a boyfriend?
  9. How many kids do u want?
  10. How many kids do u want?
  11. (Sorry about 11 & 12) Next question: Where's your ideal living space?
  12. Are you____?
  13. What do u like most?
  14. Do u wanna meet with a stranger aka me (I wouldn't a hurt fly-okay that's a joke but I wouldn't hurt you)
  15. Do u think I deserve you, vice-versa

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