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This site gives the learner an exceptional understanding of recognizing hazards in the workplace, WHMIS, types of injuries and illnesses, and much more! Be sure to write the quiz to see how much you know about Work Hazards!

This quiz is about Work Hazards. After browsing through Health N Safety 101, you should have an expert understanding of Work Hazards. If you score lower than a 60% on the Work Hazards quiz, be sure to take it again. Remember, this is about your safety!

Created by: Manahil
  1. Define WHMIS and MSDS.
  2. For a container holding less than 10 ml, the following information is required:
  3. Workplace Labels must contain Product Identifier, Reference to MSDS, and:
  4. A hatched border is required on:
  5. Which of the following does not describe an acute illness?
  6. MSDS must be updated every _______ years.
  7. Handling with care, not dropping and keeping away from heat sources are the precautions of this hazardous class:
  8. The 4 components of WHMIS are;
  9. This is not a hazard of Class F- Dangerously Reactive Materials:
  10. Class B of Hazardous materials is:

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