Workshop Safety

Accidents do happen in the workshop. It is essential to observe safety practices to prevent accidents. Most equipment and tools in the workshop are dangerous, so it is important that you practice safety measures when using them.

There are safety practices: Keep the workshop clean and tidy. Always seek instructions before using unfamiliar pieces of equipment. Only use tools and machines for their intended purpose. Report all hazards and unsafe conditions and work practices. Always use appropriate protective devices

Created by: dennison
  1. The workshop should be kept
  2. Before using an unfamiliar machine you should
  3. Use tools and machines
  4. Hazards and unsafe conditions
  5. When using the grinder, the eyes should be protected by
  6. Files should always be used with the handles fitted on, otherwise they may
  7. When using the drilling machine work pieces should be clamped as they may
  8. The drilling machine must be stopped before the swarf is removed because
  9. Before turning on the lathe, one should
  10. When using the Milling machine

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