do you have gun control?

if you are looking for gun safety information and where to find gun safety training courses please contact the National Rifle Association, or your local police or your local gun store..

we all need to be trained in proper use of and safety of our guns and any other weapon we choose to use...if you are interested in becoming gun safe and want to do so then again contact the National Rifle Association, Local Police, Local gun stores, or a qulified gun safety expert...

Created by: carl
  1. what is gun control?
  2. someone breaks in your home with intention of robbing, raping, and killing your family, what do you do?
  3. you see your neighbors home being robbed what do you do?
  4. you see a store being robbed you do what?
  5. you know your neighbor is abusing his children and wife you do what?
  6. you hear a noise outside your childs window and see a figure moving in the bushes what do you do?
  7. hunting and you hear something moving in the bush you do what?
  8. you take your child hunting and your buddy accidently shoots him what do you do??
  9. do you have a c h l permit for your gun?
  10. what do you do if your gun missfires?
  11. you are hunting you see a rattle snake what do you do?
  12. you are speeding down the road police stops you and you are carrying a gun do you?
  13. do you and hunting partners have proper training in gun safety and use?

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Quiz topic: Do I have gun control?