Giving Love A Shot Part 20

Long time no see! You can blame track, MCAS, homework, tests, and my slo laptop for that! I really wanted to apologize to _Viola_Lover_. Sorry for killing you. :(

But there were a LOT of characters and it adds drama. Tell me what you think in the comments! Oh, and the result sentence, sorry about the oddness. :/ It's a line from the song "Bromance" by Nigahiga. :) It's so funny. xD

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Hiding inside an abondoned barn. Like a boss. ._. —Ugh, this stinks. . . Literally.— I thought. "COME OUT HERE AND FACE ME!" Sean taunted, but he sounded desperate. The air shimmered in front of us and Mitchy clapped her hands over her mouth to prevent screaming. We tried to stay calm, but our breathing was rappid and my heart was racing. I'm not sure about the others', but I knew mine was. If this didn't kill me, a heart attack would.
  2. It surrounded us and I started crying. Well, can you blame me? I was scared to death that the air was Sean's ally that had come to kill us by fear and illusion. I started quietly sobbing and Ben put a shaky hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me down. The shimmering air just came closer, trapping us against the wall, forming a barrier type bubble.
  3. Then it stopped. It all stopped. I felt safe and I had stopped crying. The scenery was the same, Ben was still holding my shoulder, Mitchy let go of her mouth, and we jsut stared at each other. The smell of cow and sheep and whatever animals had been there, was gone. The air had returned to normal. "Wh—?" Ben started. Then it all came rushing back. The smell, the sound of Sean, but the air was still normal. I gasped and then covered my mouth to stiffle a scream.
  4. Standing before us was the twins, Sarah, and Danny. Well. . . kinda. They had no legs and were well, ghosts. "Why?" I paused. "What are you guys doing here?" I finished. "We're here to help" Sarah started. "How?" Ben asked coldly. Sarah flipped her ghostly hair. "For the battle of course" she explained.
  5. Caleb stepped in. "Yeah, we can help one of you in this battle. Our last chance to kinda experience being human. But it's also the last chance one of you gets to live as well." he explained. "What?" we asked at once. "We can go into one of you and you get our knowledge and powers" Isis talking. "But" Sarah said, "it will destroy you after. You die. Gone." she finished. We thought for a minute.
  6. I was too scared to say ANYTHING, nevermind sacrifice myself to be magical then die! The other 2 seemed too scared to do anything either. we just sat there silently, with sounds form Sean in the background. I heard Mitchy gulp. "I—I volunteer" she whispered. II head snapped up. "What?! No Mitchy, you can't!" I whispered vividly. "Well, no one else here is exactly jumping in, so best to take one for the team, right?!" she whispered back. "What if it's a trap, huh? What if Sean's summoning them as his minions to just destroy you?!" I said a little louder. Ben shushed me and I added quieter, "You can't die. We've already lost enough people." She shook her head. "It's best this way. . ." she trailed off with a sympathetic expression. My own face softened as I realized, she was right. We needed to stop Sean. With Sarah's speed combined with her flying, she could get the other's. She could benefit from Danny's magical knowledge, which just added to her naturaly high IQ. Maybe she WAS meant to do this.
  7. My eyes teared up. I dragged Mitchy into a hug and a tear dropped. "I didn't get to say goodbye to Isis, or Sarah, or Dan. I just want to let you know, you'll never be forgotten." I sniffled. She was crying to, but held it in. Sarah cleared her throat and I almost forgot she was there. "Sorry, but do you want our help or not?" she asked. Mitchy stood up and whispered, "Yes. I'll be your hostess." She curtsied jokingly, which I didn't get how she could do it so calmly. She was going to DIE after this, and she remained calm. "Good" Dan faked enthusiasm. "C'mon" he guestured towards Mitchy.
  8. They jumped at her and she squeezed her eyes shut, but they swirled together before they formed a mist over her. After a moment it was gone. They were gone. Just as if the mist on a hose had been turned on, then off. "Mit—?" I started. She snapped her eyes open. "I need to get the others. You guys can support yourselves for the moment being. I'll be quick" and with that, she was off. I stared and looked over to Ben. "Now what?" I asked, fear couldn't escape my voice. He put his arm protectivly around me. "We wait. . ." he whispered. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
  9. Mitchelle flew through the foggy evening air of London. Her speed was so quick that it was as if she was a jet, just cutting the fog. She wanted to just make shapes in the clouds, forget about the battle, but she knew better. She couldn't abandon her friends. —They're counting on me. . .— she thought. —Can you guys hear me or something?— she thought to the spirits of her friends that were in her at the moment. Silence. They HAD to be there. The speed, the random bits of magical knowledge that she was hidden from before, all there to her access. Then it hit her. Hit her like a dead bird to a windsheild.
  10. She raced to the nearest rooftop and prayed. —Please work.— she thought looking up. She closed her eyes and teleported, back to the hotel, back to her friends.

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