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  • I just... can't wrap my head around it. It's at the end :c I can't believe so many died... it's sad Dx Mr. Cuddlepants did a good job of ridding the evil, but hold up! o.o Mister is a she :x I feel bad now for calling her Mr. Cuddlepants =S

    Yes, continue! Why ever should you not? I want to see TTT! Take a moment to look back at all you've done for this series. There's a ton of series writers on this site, but only a small portion of story finishers. You're now one of those successful few, so take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done :)

  • *cries* i just- *snifles* everytime a series ends that i love i get the snifles and tear up a bit but i dont mention it, but so many people died that... *wips eyes* I also had five needles sticked in me from the hospital like one hour ago and on started hurting because they said *snife* this is so sad* ..... oh god another moment alright. I want to see what happens to ben and the main character ;) but aweeee I WANT TO BE THE BRIDESMAID!!! Or at least the Dj again. hehe ok so may i say thiss: thank you. ;)

  • :/

    this was awesome, i cant believe its gonna end. and they are getting married, im a bridesmaid :D. anyways.

    do the ttt please (they can come out whenever, im just happy they had a happy ending)

  • I really liked this story and it inspired me to make my own account and makd a storry. I would appreciate it if you would read it. It is my very first and it is called the Adeventure Of my life!

  • heyo random person xP. Ok sorry I have not left comments on any of ur other 25 prts of da story lol. I was trying 2 finish readin them alll cuz thy were so good :) I CANT WAIT FOR TTT! X3 :3 lol my cats name is Mr.Fluffypants :3 almost lke cuddlepants.

  • =D cool, I was first comment of last part of GLAS. Historical moment! :o


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