Giving Love A Shot Part 26

This is the end! D: tell me what you guys think. Should I continue? Slitsey, if you want to be in TTT leave your character in the comments (based off yourself) only if you want to.

I almost cried writing the end! It's the end! D: I already have ideas for TTT so yeah, TELL ME IFISHOULD CONTINUE! Imma miss you guys so much. :'( Bye

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Or so they thought. Claire lay there bitterly face bloodied and holding a grimmace. She slowly turned to head back to normal with a crack in her neck. It looked like a scene out of a zombie movie where it doesn't die, just slowly reanimates. "I'm alive, just sore. But I'm fine." she assured herself. She fixed the rest of her body which took many, painful, cracks. Wen she was done the blood had changed so much, she passed out.
  2. After what seemed like hours of crawling, he found her. Well, he was pretty sure. "_______," he called. He took a moment to gather up his strength, "___________!" he yelled. It wasn't her. Ben kept crawling, determined to get to her. He was instead met by Claire's bloodied body. "Claire?" he asked when he got close enough to discover it was her. She was out. He shook her,to no avail. "Damn it." he whispered to himself. He fell next to her, the blood loss getting to him. A tear rolled town his grimy face. "I'm sorry ______" he sobbed.
  3. Grace flew ahead a bit, then came back. "Any luck?" Alex asked frantically. She shook her head. "They're probably just on the ground" she assured him after seeing his face fall. Matt continued to search through the bags they had acquired from their fallen enemies. Something struck him, an idea. "Guys, what if they're injured or unconscious? We need to get to them, fast" he announced then bolted forward, unsure of the direction. They followed close by. It wasn't much, but it was a hope and hope was what could keep them going.
  4. He grimmanced a bit. "Kitten, that hurt." he remarked. I rolled my eyes, "I'm not your kitten" I snapped. He chuckled and turned away. I lunged at him and twisted his arm that came up to strike me. One stab to the back andit was over.
  5. He fell face first and I sobbed. In the moonlight right where I stabbed him was darker than the rest of his blood, I thought it was because that's where it came from. It was like a shadow, rising almost moving. . . Wait, it WAS moving, it rose off his back and moved gently like a snake or a cat's tail. It whipped towards my face and I squeezed my eyes shut.
  6. I fell back, the force hitting me full on in the face,but the shadow didn't attack me, I opened one eye slowly to see Mr. Cuddlepants! He bit the shadow and it squirmed, but we all knew CP had it beat. It slowly stopped moving and went limp. Cuddlepants had gotten stabbed in the eye from the shadow's thrashing and he moved towards me slowly. I picked him up. "good boy" I said, stroking him. He looked at me with his big, green eyes and mewed. He was hurt and I knew I couldn't fix him. He closed his eyes and his forehead glowed. I heard a voice in my head, similar to when I was with Ben. But this was a female voice. "______. It's me, Cuddlepants." it said in a Spanish accent. The voice was soft, quick, and calming. "Cuddlepants?" I said. "I don't have much time left, but you should know. I'm a female. I've had kittens, three. We are a rare species, on the verge of extinction. We are called shadow hunters. We fight the evil contained in some shadows. Or ghosts. Evil ghosts move on in the form of a shadow, such as this one did. I sacrificed myself to get rid of this one, it was extremely powerful." she gasped. "Take care of my kittens, find the other litter, save the world. . ." she finished and I could feel her tiny heart stop beating in my arms.
  7. The group soon came across Ben and Claire. Aex rushed over to Claire and did a quick physical. "She's just unconscious, other than that she's fine" he announced. Grace had gone to check on Ben. "He's lost a lot of blood, we need a blood replacement potion stat." Matt rummaged through the bags briefly and soon found the potion. He handed it to Grace and she rubbed it on his neck and had him drink the rest. After a few moments Ben came back. "Where's _______?" he immediately asked. No one said anything. "We don't know" Alex said, lifting Claire up. "We should probably find her though, before she's toast" he finished heaving Claire over his shoulder and letting her body hang. They ventured onwards.
  8. I looked at Sean. He was still breathing. Barely. I went over to him. "Sean?" I whispered. He responded with a moan. "Is it out?" he asked feebly. He knew about it. "Yeah. Wy didn't you tell anyone what it was?" I asked. He shook his head with a small smile. "It's been passed down in the family possessing us. It all started generations ago. The spirit never had enough strength to get out before. It had a rivalry with its brother. The brother started e 'good' side and the other the 'bad' side. They had two different lines. When the bad brother passed, there was harmony for a while. Until he was strong enough to become a shadow. He's been in my family since my great, great,grandfather. And now, he's finally gone." he explained. "How do you know all this?"
  9. Sean coughed. "The knowledge is passed down. When I'm close to exposing him, if he's in me he'll get me not to." he sighed and let out a ragged breath. I stood up. "HELP!" I screamed. There might be a chance of saving him. "HEEEEEELPPPPP" I shouted again. I heard the leaves crunching as Ben came wobbly into view.mi ran into his arms, causing him to fall over. "it's okay, it's okay" he repeated over and over in my ear. Alex rushed over to Sean and announced he was still alive. "Save him, I'll explain later" I,sobbed to him. He did as instructed and a few potions later, he was back. He explained himself to the group and the accepted him as we all drove back to the hotel. I learned that during our rumble my friends had killed all his backup and that horrified me even though I knew it would come. Claire woke up halfway through the ride and Alex, who was sitting in the back with her kissed and hugged her.
  10. We went to the hotel and cleaned up. Then we got into some black clothes. We took the dress Lucy wore to our mini prom, one of Sarah's ponytail holders, a friendship bracelet of Danny's, one of Mitchy's necklaces, and an intricate decor string the twins shared showing how they were connected and Ben took us to his mind world. We burned the stuff and we all said a few words to all of them and wept. It was the funeral all of us needed to fully get over the losses. When we were done weeping and the fire had died down we all sat by pond. Matt stood and took Garace's hand, helping her up and stood across from us. "I want to say something" he said seriously. We all perked up and watched in anticipation. He got on one knee and looked Grace in the eyes. "Grace, I love you. We haven't known each other for long,but I know it. I want to spend forever with you, live with you, die in your arms. I want you." he paused and noticed the tears collecting on the brim of her eyes. "Will you marry me?" he asked brining out a beautiful diamond ring. We all gasped. "Yes" she barely got out, wiping her eyes. We all cheered as they embraced and hugged. No one spoke for a while, but instead soaked up the moment, but we were all thinking the same thing. This really has turned out to be a happy ending.

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