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  • I'm defiently in shock. I mean seriously. I'm not sure if my commet with come up because somehow my computer didn't put up my comments on yor series, or anyother. But, oh my gawd. ;( this series is going to end soon. I can feel it. *sits up * and im proud. *dad comes in with mango sorbet, i gulp,* i um.... got to go. My dad has... ummm... Look the mango calls so just want to let you now that to make the next part quick because... uhhhh... the mango is calling really bad ok. Um oh, i'm putting you in my series also.But in the bad side in the mer prophecy. k? ok... ummm... bye for now. Oh gosh daddy is eating all of it!!!! :O

  • So tragic and dramatic and and and Sean is a sadistic psychopath and I can't believe Claire died and when is TTT coming out?!

  • @PB K?
    @Pho Yes. :'(

    @xxblutixx I'm making some random quizzes after this series then I'll make an intro to TTT so the people who took this can refresh their memories and people who didn't take this can read TTT.

  • i love this and its about to end?!?!


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