Teresa's GTQ Shout Outs Part 2!

Sorry this sucks so much. I just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate you and such. I'm probably making one more of these. I couldn't think of what order to put people so it's a bit random.

So yeah. Just going to make one more for newer users yet again to show appreciation. It will suck. .3. Sorry. If I forgot you, COMMENT! I'm trying to put all my friendies/people I want to thank. :)

Created by: Teresa22

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  1. Mari, you're pretty down on yourself at times, but it balances out with the, "I don't give a fuck bitch" side of you. You're a very supportive person and I like talking to you. ^-^
  2. Mia, you're fun and actually didn't mind talking to me even though I was new. I always like talking and soaping with you and we have similar opinions on most things so we understand each other. If I had to pick out my GTQ best friends, you'd defiantly be one.
  3. Keri, I wish you weren't so down on yourself. I really regret the time I was all against you and I'm sorry that we fight so often. I'm sorry for it though. You're really creative and an awesome singer.
  4. Ozze! :o I'm trying to get this out quick so you can see it. I'm sorry that se fought for so long and I was such a newb when we met. >.< truth is you're pretty cool and fun.
  5. Ana, Mo, and Alice. I put you guys' together because I have the same thing to as about you guys. I think you're all very level headed and very nice to those that deserve it. I look up to you three because of that. :3 Also, Alice and Mo, you're amazing drawers. I haven't seen you draw anything, Ana so I wouldn't know, :/
  6. Kish, I haven't talked to you a lot lately, but when you came back we talked a bit and you were pretty cool about not knowing us newbs. Thanks for being a cool friend!
  7. Hunter, to be 100% honest, you're a bitch sometimes. But when you're not you're a nice person to talk to and pretty cool/awesome. I enjoy talking to you when neither of us are in a bitch mode.
  8. Phoenix, you're not on GTQ as much anymore, but I like talking to you when you are. You're still fun to talk to like when we first talked. Also I think you're a great singer. ^-^
  9. Harp, you talked to me a lot when I first joined and didn't mind me being a newb. ^-^ just wanted to say thanks for that and we should talk more.
  10. Ben, (:O shocking, I know) I just wanted to say thank you for understanding me when you first joined and not hating me because me and Keri disagree a lot. :/ I need to work on the fighting. >.< we should talk again sometime.

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