Highlights Part 11

READ!!! Ok, I added Shay to the results. And I can't forget the shout out. Shout out goes to Faith! WOO! Well I have nothing else to write about... Bummer. I also might repeat this in the first question too so sorry. I might start another quiz. You might see some of the names from here because their my buddies names and they give me some ideas for this.

If you want me to add Tyson to the results, COMMENT!!! I need to know so I can add him for yal. And I have an idea for the villan. You might be shocked but just go with it.

Created by: RoCkItOuT

  1. First off, READ THE TOP! and I added Shay to the results. I might add Tyson but not sure. If you want him in the results, then comment telling me that and I'll make sure I'll add it. I'm also thinking of making another quiz. I need characters tho. So give me a description of your self and I'll try and add you!
  2. **YOUR POV** You opened your eyes and see this huge island! It was beautiful. There was like a jungle though. You kick your shoes off and walk on the soft sand. "Finally, relaxation..." You mutter. "Um, what do we do now?" You turn and see the girl that woke you up. "Tyson has a hide out here. We just need to find it. We can't right now because-" You stopped. "Those trees hurt." You see Derek walk out with a bunch of people. "Try getting a face-full of sand." You jump and turned. Carter was brushing sand off her clothes. "So this is Little Rock?" You ask. Derek grunted and looked at the jungle. Then you hear splashing. "What the-" Carter squints into the distance. "Jacky!" Derek yelled and ran over. "Let's find everyone else." Carter walks the other way. "Well you found on of us." You jump again at the voice. There was a a black lady with purple highlights. (Sorry if that sounded racist) "I just got back from Alaska. It's freezing!" She shivers but keeps walking. "The other's are all over the island. If they're smart enough, they'll walk toward the beach." she looked into the jungle. Her mascara was smeared and created a shadow around her eyes. She caught you staring and smiled. "I'm Sarah. Your _________ arent you? You have green highlights." She states. "Yea." You mumble and turn toward the ocean.
  3. "HEY _________! I FOUND SHAY!" You heard Carter yell. "I have to-" Sarah hold up her hand. "Go help your friend." She gives you a warm smile. You smile back and super speed toward them. "A little help please!" You see Shay dangling in the air. "Where's your group?" I asked. "Probably with that reunion over there. Now tell Carter to put me down!" He yells. "Ok, Carter put him down." I moaned. She shrugged and dropped him down. "Ow." You hear. "Sup guys?" You jumped again. "Someone's jumpy." You looked over and see Chris walking toward you. "This place is huge!" He stretch's his arms out as if to embrace it. "It's alot better then the other one huh?" This time you recognized the deep voice. "Where's Tyson?" You asked. "He's paying his respects for Jose." Ethan grumbled. "So is this the incredible hulk?" Shay asked. Ethan balled his fists. "Shay, go help Derek with Jacky." I growled. "Ethan go help with those lost souls over there." I waved my hand at the people we gathered. He muttered something but you couldn't make out what he said.
  4. **TYSON'S POV** I was standing over Jose's grave. "Rest in Peace Jose." I muttered. "I thought I'd find you here." I turned and got into fighting postion. "Relax, it's just me." I relaxed. _______ walked over to the grave. "Who is this?" She asked. "A-a friend." I studdered. "i need more information thn that." She giggled. "It's pretty long story." I muttered. "I got time." She strode toward me. "i'm sorry about this tho." She gestured to Jose. Then flowers started to bloom. "Thanks." i muttered. "So, who's Jose?" She asked. "Highlight's have been in many wars. I was in Haven's war. I had 2 friends beside me. Aiden was one of them. He has white highlights. He stepped up to give us a shield so we can move to a different location. Aiden stepped up to create it. We started to move but a teleporter from the other side, the side shooting fire balls and ice spears at us, took him. I never seen him since. Jose and I panicked. We made a run for it. I tried reflecting the energy back at them. I can create explosions like that. Jose has brown highlights. He moved the earth's skin to cover us. We hid there until we finally got a call to return to base. Ever since, we've been fighting partners." I explained. When I looked at ________, she was crying.
  5. **YOUR POV** "I am so sorry." I stammered. "Let's just get to Little Rock." He says. "Rest in Peace Jose." you say. Tyson mumbles something in Spanish. You take his hand and teleport to the island. "Oh, hey." you guys landed infront of Chase. Tyson thanked you for going back for him and walked away. "What was that about?" He asks. "Not sure. Can you show me around the hideout? Seems like everyone's there." You gestured to the empty beach. "Yea. I'll show you." He takes your hand and guides you to the hideout. He pulls a vine that looked like a snake. "Chase thats a-" You stammer but he stops you. "We disguised it so if there's like survivors from a ship wreck and they see it, they'll leave it alone." He tugs it and a tree opens a secret door. "Shall we?" Chase perks up an eyebrow and you look down. "It's just a slide." He explains. You nod and start to slide. "OH MY GOD!" You scream. You look behind you and see Chase with his hands up laughing. Then a door opens in the end. Light shines threw. "GET READY! YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO TUMBLE!" He shouts. You brace yourself and when you went threw the door, you started rolling and landed on your stomach. Chase stops next to you. He starts laughing and so do you
  6. He helps you up and you start brushing yourself off. "That's awesome." You say. "Tyson has a ladder to get up and all over the place. He wants us to have fun sometimes so he came up with the slides. He's not so bad as we thought. Oh and why were you with him earlier?" He asks. You explain the whole story about Jose. "Poor guy." Chase crossed his arms. "Let's just give him some room." He says.
  7. "I have to go and do my homework." He says. "What is it? Math?" You joke. "I have this huge 5000 point project on this guy trying to kill Highlights." He moans. You laugh and he just smiles. "I'll show you to your room." He says. You follow him to a room that said KEYS. "You can have this room. It's pretty nice but not girly." He hands you a key. "I'll show you." He takes your hand and guides you up a ladder. "Up there. Take a left and your room number is 552." He says. "This is more of a hotel then a hideout." You laugh. "Tyson was prepared of a highlight wipe out." He says. "I have to go." He pulls you in for a kiss. Then he lets go. "Later." He gives you an outlaw smile and he disappeared.
  8. You climbed up the latter. It wasn't that high up. You see another door like a closet and open it up. You see the hall Chase talked about with all the numbers. You traced your way to room 552. You unlock the door and walk in. It was like your room at Derek's place. "Like it?" You spun around ready to attack. You see Kyle walk in. "Yea, it's like the one at Derek's place." You say. "Wanna hang out? I know this place like the back of my hand now." He gloats. "Only if we stop by the kitchen." You get up. Then you noticed your still in the armor from earlier. "Ughh. I'm still in this." You groan. "We're supposed to wear it from now on." He leans in toward your ear. "Rumor has it theres a traitor among us." He steps back. "We might strike soon or might evacuate... again." He leans against the wall. "Let me guess, my wardrobe is just going to be this?" ou gesture to your clothes and Kyle just gave you a nod. You let out a sigh. "Let me wash up. Give me 15 mins and meet me at the big war painting at the end of the hall." Kyle gives you a peace sign and walks out.
  9. You walked into the bathroom and shower. You put on some new armor and it still looked the same. You redid your hair. You decided to look around for a necklace or something. You hit something and it opened a weapons room. You walk in in amazement. "Jackpot." You mutter. You walk in. It was like something out of Men in Black. You grabbed some knives and found a place to keep them. You grabbed some guns but not many. You see a jade dart in the end of the room. You put it in your hair and felt prepared. You walked out and the room closed by itself. That made you jump alittle. You shake it off and take the room key and lock it on your way out.
  10. "Hey" Kyle said. "You look great." He smiles. "Thanks. Well, let's go." You smiled and took his hand. He lead you down the hall and showed you the closet slide. "Ladies first." He gestures and you jump down. You laugh and shout. Kyle does the same. When you too hit bottom, you start laughing. You walk out and head down some halls. "Training room is right here. Wanna check it out?" He asks. "Do I?" You shove him and walk in. It was bigger then the one at Tyson's place. "I'm coming here tomorrow." You say. Kyle smiles. "Let's grab something to eat." He says. You two talk about random stuff. When you reach the kitchen, it was like a huge kitchen. There were lots of fridges, stoves, sodas, and snacks. Kyle walks over and grabs a coke. You just grabbed an apple. You two just talked for a long time. "Dinner's in bout 30mins." He says. "Thanks for the great time. I'm going up stairs and settle in." You say. You two stand up and Kyle gives you a hug. Then leaned in for a kiss. You kissed for a good 30 seconds before he broke it. He gave you a peace sign and walked out.
  11. CLIFFHANGER! Well this one is basically about Kyle... I thought I could like switch it up alot. Bummer... Well who do you like???

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