How Well Do You Know Me? (Personal)

Thanks for taking this. I'm too lazy to make different responses. So yeah. Comment, rate, take my other quizzes. Bye. This is the other part to my how well do you know me (looks) quiz.

I might go back to school shopping at Walmart. My sister is going to areopostale, but that's expensive, so I might go to target or Walmart. Just blabbing to fill this up.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. How do I feel about myself? (From what I've said)
  2. What did I use as a method of self harm?
  3. I have issues with what?
  4. How old am I as of August 15th, 2012?
  5. Do I like Facebook or YouTube better?
  6. Have I ever been in a relationship?
  7. Why do I talk to myself?
  8. Do I give out personal information publicly?
  9. Is Teresa my real name?
  10. How do most people in person see me?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me? (Personal)