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Hey Peeps! I hope you have liked mai quizzes so far! Again, sayin tha normal thing, *says in bored tone* If you haven't read the previous quizzes please do so. *back in perky tone* Now that that is over, please enjoy part 11 of SCARY LOVE!!!

Now, personal shoutouts. Just to make them dance yet again for their mom, KIA MANSON!!! Thanks so much for all the great and wonderfully long comments. Again, if I didn't put your name on here, I was either too lazy or out of time. Enjoy!!!

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx

  1. There were three other guys with him and two chicks. The guy on his left had red hair and green eyes. He was playing with a fireball in his hand as if it were a baseball, just tossing it back and forth between his hands. The guy beside him had long black hair and had purple colored eyes. He was quiet and attentive. The girls were obviously twins and their hair was cropped short and dyed pink. The other guy had an army cut and had white hair with one red streak in it. They were all wearing black robes like Venis was when he came to capture me the last time.
  2. I screamed at the house and most of them all came out, including Faith, who had a walking stick that I hadn't seen her use when I first met her. Cam landed beside me and a fire erupted on the other side of me, indicating that Jareth had arrived. "What do you want? Why do you keep chasing us?" I asked, so incoherently angry I could no longer refrain from keeping my mouth shut. Venis smiled cockily. "You know the exact reason young one. And now you and your friends have to pay for what your grandfather did."
  3. Without warning, he lunged toward us. I was barely able to follow his silhouette as he ran everywhere, trying to confuse us. The rest of his crew didn't budge, and I knew I had to do something. "Billy,: I thought purposely. I saw his head barely move in my direction. "Tell Tanya to freeze the rest of the coven, I'm going to take care of Venis myself," I finished the thought.
  4. I felt Cameron grab my hand. "No," he mumbled, tightening his grip. "I have to. It's the only way that it's even remotely possible for you guys to be safe. You guys didn't ask for this. You didn't ask for any of it, and yet you all still want to continue fighting my battles. It's about time that I start sticking up for myself," I thought quickly to him, hoping that my fake courage wouldn't get in the way and hurt someone..
  5. Cam let loose of my hand after I heard his soft sigh and he got ready in a stance position for fighting. It was at that moment that Katie lifted her hands and ice shards shot from her hands and froze the rest of the people that were behind Venis.
  6. Venis was heading straight towards me. The guys that were surrounding me suddenly flew all in different directions and hit some kind of object rather hard. I suddenly thought about me and my wonderfully famous fire wall. Then, a burst of flames shot up around me. Venis stopped instantly in his tracks. He looked as if he were studying me for a moment. The fire kept burning and he was unable to reach me.
  7. "I knew you had control of your powers, but you must have been trained at least a little to have that kind of power young one," he said, a sly smirk on his face. "Yeah well, I'm a fast learner. But obviously you're not because you can't take a damn hint to leave me and my family alone," I replied in a deadly tone. I made an army of plants come from the ground, through the tops of the grass, and wrap around his feet. Venis laughed and some sort of electricity shocked through the plants and killed them. They turned a weird dark green color and went limp. A strike of lightning came from the sky and hit the ground not three feet away from me. I felt Jareth pulling me back by my arms.
  8. "Let me go Jare, I have to do this," I said, yanking myself forward again. "You are rather brave for someone who is facing death," Venis said. "You are rather stupid for someone who has no back-up," I said charging him. I tried to roundhouse kick him but he ducked. I hardly remember any of it because we were going so fast. I remember hearing Cameron yell "NO!" and then flying after something that I couldn't see. It was crazy how well I was doing because not only had I only had two days of training, I was totally clueless when it came to fighting an evil warlock or whatever you call him. I do know that I finally hit him in his jaw really hard and then I blew him away with a gust of wind as strong as a tornado. The last that I saw of him was when he looked utterly shocked as he was being thrown into the air.
  9. I was trying to catch my breath when I recalled that Venis's allies were still frozen from Katie, but apparently not. They were all unfrozen and were being tied up. Adrian was struggling with the white haired guy. Tanya had one of the girls in a headlock. Billy was aggressively shoving some of the others towards a shed that was over by the house. I looked over by the lake and saw Cameron wrestling with what looked like an invisible guy. I sent a huge splash of water down over the both of them. It apparently startled the guy so bad that he stopped altogether for just long enough that Cam could knock him out. As he threw the now showing body of the invisible guy over his shoulder, Cameron walked over to me and asked, "Was that totally necessary?" "Hey, it helped you didn't it?" "Yeah, thanks," Cam said, and kissed my cheek. He walked off to go help the others.
  10. "Sage," I heard Jareth say. I turned around to look for him and he was almost right against my back. "Yeah?" He put his hands around my face.
  11. lol I know it's not long, but I hope you liked what you got! Comment and rate!

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