Scary Love part 10

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Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx
  1. YAY! I'm back b----es! lol I was actually wanting to ask u a legit question. I was thinking about making a second series with one of my other stories that I have written here recently. give your opinions in the comments!
  2. I woke up in yet another strange room. This was beginning to be a habit of mine, and I wasn't sure that I liked it. I was ironically on a waterbed. I barely moved and the whole bed jiggled. "Guys, she's awake," I heard. I almost didn't recognize the voice. Then I realized it was Tanya. I looked at the door and saw Adrian running in and Jareth following close behind him.
  3. Adrian practically pounced on the bed and squeezed me to death. "You ever do that again and I will personally chain you up and hide you in my closet." I laughed and hugged him back. "I was just trying to help." I looked up at Jareth. He was halfway smiling. "I'm just glad that you're safe." It was at that moment that I remembered something. "You guys didn't kill Cameron did you?" Adrian finally let me go from his bear hug and just sat beside me and held my hand.
  4. "We didn't kill him. He actually called us. After you passed out after Venis left, he tried to wake you up, but you wouldn't. He had no clue what to do so he called us," Tanya explained. I watched the whole room tense up as he came in and kissed me on the forehead. I saw Jareth inhale a deep gulp of air, and Adrian just looked plain out annoyed. "Okay, its obvious that you don't want to hurt her, but we need to figure out how to take out the Coven before they try to attack Sage again," Jareth said after Cameron sat down on the other side of me. Adrian squeezed my hand gently, as if to remind me of our....whatever you would call it.
  5. "Why do you think I brought her here?" Cam asked. "We all know that just you guys alone don't have the power to destroy the whole Coven. So we need Sage, and maybe if we all work together, we can actually make something work." Jareth just kind of looked at him and then nodded his head. "You're right. But since Venis has probably already told the rest where she is, we probably need to relocate." I couldn't believe it. They were actually getting along. I guess I did do some good in this world.
  6. Cam elbowed me and it took me a minute to grasp what I did, "Don't read my thoughts," I said, playfully shoving him over.
  7. We packed up all of what he had at Cam's place and we put it all in the car. We were waiting on Cam to lock up when he walked outside. I felt my jaw drop as I watched him come down the steps. "What did you do?" I asked him as he opened the car door for me. I looked at his now cropped black hair and got so confused. "I thought I needed change," he said, sliding into the back seat, along with me and Tanya.
  8. I heard Jareth get in and mumble under his breath, "More like a copycat." I ignored them all, because we traveled for more than four hours, and we were only on the road for three and I was passed out on Cameron's shoulder. I woke up when I felt the car stop and not continue on. It was bright outside when I opened my eyes, but it didn't matter because the windows of the car were tinted so dark. "Where are we?" I asked as we all climbed out of the seats we had become so accustomed to. "Texas," Tanya replied, smiling.
  9. "What the hell is down here?" Adrian was the one to reply this time. "Dirt, hot weather, dirt, wind, a bit of cactus, and a whole lot of long-drawn accents." Great. "So how long are we staying?" "A couple of days at least. If we lay low on our powers, then it'll be harder for the Coven to pick up on our location," Billy explained. He and the rest of the gang had followed us in a van with a bunch of suitcases. "Considering the only McDonald's around here is about thirty miles away in Wichita Falls, this place isn't so bad," Katie said, stretching her legs as she took in the tiny town that was standing around her.
  10. Tanya, Katie, and I walked up to the huge house that was sitting up on a hill. It was a nice brick house, and it had a privacy fence made out of small logs. A little old woman answered the door not long after Katie knocked. She had gray hair and it was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing shorts that came to her knees and a t-shirt that had a bunch of bears on it. "Why hello darlings! It's been so long since you have come to visit me," she said, hugging both Katie and Tanya. "It's been too long Ms. Faith," Tanya said, actually smiling for once.
  11. "Are the boys with you?" Faith asked, looking behind them. "As always. They're getting the bags and stuff right now." Faith then showed her attention to me as I just stood awkwardly to the side, watching the apparent reunion of old friends. "And who is this?" she asked, coming over to shake my hand. "That's Sage Latona. She's going to help us out with a few things," Cameron said, walking up the steps of the porch, carrying several bags. The reunion party happened all over again once all the guys had gotten the bags into the house. The inside was very magnificent. There were vases of flowers everywhere and there were earthy tones of paint on the walls. After we had eaten this huge dinner that Faith had cooked for us, I went out into the backyard. There was a small pond and a bench beside it, surrounded with trees. It was really beautiful. I went over to the bench and sat down.
  12. Adrian did his poof thing and appeared again. I looked over at him beside me. He was grinning at me. "So, how do ya like it here?" "Its really nice. I like all the detail in the house," I said, almost hitting myself for not thinking of something better to say. "Yeah, this is where we grew up," Adrian said, taking a hold of my hand. "We all came here after we figured out that we had powers. I came here when I was nine and Faith took me in. Katie and Billy were already here, but the others came later," Adrian explained,
  13. I was listening so carefully that I forgot to reply. Adrian looked down at me. I was staring at a patch of roses and was so deep in thought that I never noticed that Adrian had put his arm around me. "So if you guys were all like, adopted, how did Jareth come into the picture?" I asked, a bit curious. I saw Adrian grimace. "You'll find out anyways, His father didn't like the fact that he had powers. He went all over the country and found this place and just left him here with Faith. Not a work from him since. Jareth has tried tracking him down, but Kane just didn't want to be found." With all this new information, my head was spinning. "I think that I'm going to go to my room for a while," I told him, standing up. He stood up with me. One second I was looking at him, the next second I was kissing him. I got wrapped up in his arms and I was being carried somewhere.
  14. I wasn't paying attention to where we were going, but out of nowhere, Adrian stopped kissing me and put me down. He stood in front of me in a crouching/ fighting mode.
  15. I peeked over his shoulder and saw that Venis, and some other people were there. "I told you that I would be back, didn't I little one?" Venis said, arrogantly.
  16. xDDD Comment and Rate? Don't forget to tell me your thoughts on my next possible series! Hope ya liked it!

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