Zane Is Here's Quiz

So yeah. Cats are good at pissing people off. I think I'm part cat. :3 this is exactly the point of this quiz, because Zane told me not to mention him. XD anyways, get well, Zane. :3

I LOVE EVERYONE AND ANYONE WHO TAKES THIS QUIZ, THANKIES SO MUCH! here, I shall give you a huggle icon from danisnotonfire. :3 here it is. (>^o^)> isn't it cute?! XD

Created by: Teresa22

  2. Well too bad. :3
  3. So just wanted to say, you're an awesome friendie and I love you in a friendie way. ^-^
  4. For all you quiz stalkers that also took this, I don't favor Zane over you guys, m'kay?
  5. He didn't want me to put him in a quiz, so I made him his own whole quiz just to bug him. (>^o^)>
  6. And if you haven't heard, Zane got stabbed and his stabber isn't going to jail. >:I
  7. So if you're religious please pray for him and if you're not, such as moi, HEY, WHO INTURRUPTED ME?! Anyways, if not hope for the best for him. .3. The thought is very nice as well as prayers.
  8. Zane is a really nice person. If you're not friends already, go become friends with him.
  9. So yeah, that's it. :I
  10. Sorry, one more question annnnnnnnnnd, done!

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