How Well Do You Know Beautiful Endings?

READ THIS! Okay so on the other quizzes I accidentally put, "Core" when I shoulved said, "Underbelly" but I forgot the password so I'm not changing it. Sorry bout that. :P

Anyways, love you guys! Comment, rate, be random! Thanks so much to Dannica for letting me make these quizzes even though it's her series, not mine. But she's just that awesome that she lets her obsessive number one fan make quizzes bout her. Love you!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Who's Oath's son?
  2. Nick's favorite candy is. . . ?
  3. Gritzo had which gender boy and named it what?
  4. The wizard wh created portals in the core was. . .?
  5. ________ chose what as a weapon?
  6. BE had how many parts including the alternate ending?
  7. April dated who?
  8. Kole is a what?
  9. Sarah is a what?
  10. Zathara is who?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Beautiful Endings?