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  • 80% :O and I was actually confident on this one... turns out I really am bad at counting and hate following my first instinct XD Are you going to do Confinement next, Teresa, or will you do another author, or are you going to make other quizzes?

    @Waaaa900 hm, 3 quizzes, that's smaller quota than most of them. If you would please stay OFF the good quizzes, though, and go post your spam on one of those nonsensical quizzes with the random letters and punctuation rather than spamming Teresa's comment board, I'm sure it'd be appreciated

  • @Waa please don't do that on my quizzes. -.-

    @Xxbluttixx some random quizzes until I feel satisfied probably confinement when it's done then moving on to Ttt. :)


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