How Well Do You Know They Love Me?

TLM came out August 18, 2010 made in California. Dakota, Matt, Jared, Nick, Taylor, Dane, Chris. There are 25 parts to the series, 26 including the prologue.

Current series is confinement. Preceding was the beautiful series containing beautiful secrets, lies, and endings. Preceeding the beautiful series was sombaody special.

Created by: Teresa22
  1. Who wrote They Love Me?
  2. How are the authors related?
  3. How many boys were there?
  4. What point of view was the series told in?
  5. Who does _______ end up with?
  6. How many lovers did the character ________ ends up with have before?
  7. What were the three dimension?
  8. Who did ________ marry?
  9. Who was the antagonist? (Bad guy for those who don't know)
  10. Who continued to make the next series, Meet Me Halfway?
  11. Should I make a quiz for Meet Me Halfway even though it wasn't finished? (Comment)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know They Love Me?