How Well Do You Know Disney's Snow White?

How well do you know Snow White Disney edition? Take this quiz to find out! I think this quiz is fairly simple except one or two questions. Good luck and thanks for taking this.

Some day my prince will come. Some day I'll find my love. And how thrilling that moment will be. . . When the prince of my dreams comes to me. He'll whisper, "I love you."

Created by: Teresa22

  1. What year was this made in?
  2. Snow is first seen doing what?
  3. The hunter tricked the queen by putting what heart in the box?
  4. What's the prince's name?
  5. Which name isn't a dwarf?
  6. Where do the dwarfs work?
  7. How many dwarfs are there?
  8. What color is Snow's bow?
  9. What does Snow eat that kills her?
  10. Which dwarf is the leader?

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