Giving Love A Shot Part 10

Welcome back! :D So, I just realized I never told you how old you guys are. :I Pretty stupid of me, huh? Well I guess the characters are all 16. Except Matt, he's 17.

This will make sense later, but Alex is only a few months older than Ben. I added another character! Yes I know, "ANOTHER?! Dx" well this is an epic character! xD Hope you like this quiz!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. The lights flickered on and off. It was like in those horror movie previews. Show one image, black screen, another image. For a breif moment I saw a shadow outside the window. The lights flickered out and the window smashed. Through the breif moments of light, I saw a girl about our age. With the lights, all I could tell was she had brown, shoulder length hair and was shortish. About the same height as Ben. How could I tell this? Ben was standing right next to the window. The next thing happened in what felt like slow motion, but took only a few seconds. She grabbed Ben from behind, as if she were hugging him. The girl smiled, an evil grin, directly towards me. She had a sweet, kind voice, yet what she said gave me chills. I'll never forget that feeling, or what she said. "Say goodbye to your boyfriend" she said in a murderous tone. The most shocking part came next. She never moved after coming in the window except when she grabbed Ben. The girl fell, actually FELL, backwards out the open window. Like those trust test things. She didn't die though. I rushed to the window as the lights stopped flickering and I could see her flying of with Ben.
  2. "BEN!" I called. "It's no use" Alex told me. "We've gotta TRY to get him back!" I exclaimed, holding back tears. He wasn't only my best friend, but I was starting to feel somthing for him. "_______," Claire tried to comfort. "NO!" I shouted. "We HAVE to get him back." I snapped. "YOU!" I screamed at Alex, "You of all people should care! He's your cousin!" I was going to say more, but collapsed in tears. Surprisingly, Danny came to my defense. He rose and whispered, "She's right, we can't just let Sean kill him" I sniffled and smiled. I got up and stood next to him. Slowly, Matt rose as well, then Mitchelle, Sarah, Kyle, and Lucy. Claire broke her embrace with Alex and stood with the rest of us. "I'm sorry Alex, but ________ is my best friend. If she thinks this is what we should do, I'm gonna support her" Claire explained to Alex. He sighed and said, "He's my little cuz. I'm not gonna let him die before me" he smiled. We stared at him for a second and he dropped his smile. "What are we still doing here?! He's not gonna save himself! Move out!" he snapped.
  3. The radio turned on as we were racing to the door. "Wait!" I said, sensing something important. We all paused and stood still. It was booming LMFAO's Sexy And I Know It. So I was thinking, -WTF?!- but then, it changed. It played a word of a station, then changed. "A message!" Mitchelle yelled. Surprising for her, she was usually so quiet. We waited. ". . .and that almost was the end of. . ." switch, ". . .Ben the. . ." another switch followed. Some of these were commercials, so I guess that's how magic words and names were there. ". . .boyfriend. . ." another change, ". . .You have one week to. . .". After hearing this part, I almost imploded with glee. -They're gonna keep him alive! At least for a week. . .- I thought. Next message was part of a song, ". . .save. . ." this tension was getting on my nerves. ". . .him. . ." I heard everyone behind me sigh. "It's not done yet!" I exclaimed. ". . .hurry now. . ." the next part scared me the most. ". . .__________." it said. My name, it was adressed to ME. I shook.
  4. "Since we have a week, could we start tomorrow? Lucy asked. "Yeah, it would be difficult to try now. It's pitch black out" Kyle backed her up. "Yeah. We won't be much use if we're all exhausted." I admitted. Everyone cheered halfheartedly. -Wow, they really ARE tired- I thoght. Soon everyone went to bed and I was again, alone and up with Kyle.
  5. "If Mitchelle's family can-" I stopped short, "could fly, how come that girl could?" I asked. Kyle knew a lot about magic, he would probably know. Kyle sighed. "It's complicated. Only one magic family has a certain power. But there are two sides I guess to each magic family. Mitchelle and the girl aren't related, but it's her family's evil opposite. Meaning a good family can fly, so a bad family flies too" he explained. "Oh." I said. I thought for a minute. "Sean's family is your evil opposite" he inturrupted my train of thought. "How do you know that?" I asked, intrigued.
  6. "When your family is magic, usually you keep track of other magic families. Good and bad" he put it simply as if it were completely obvious. "Also, I've been to a football game. I've seen him play" he continued. "Ohh" I said feeling stupid. I went to every home foot ball game. . . "Also," Kyle added, "that's the reason YOU have to face him. Fighting is actually a rare magic power. Many find it useless, but it's just rare. See, some powers are stronger than others. Fighting is one of the most pwoerful ones. It's easier to best someone with the same, or lower, power strength. A better example might be Ben and Alex. Ben has the whole mind manipulating power, whereas Alex can only persuade" he finished.
  7. A wave of exhaustion swept over me. I yawned. "I'm sorry, I HAVE to get some sleep. G'night" I mumbled and headed to bed. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, took a shower, and all that other bedtime crap. While lying on the soft, puffy hotel bed, I tried to call to Ben in my mind. -Ben? You okay?- I asked. He didn't respond. They probably made him sleep so I couldn't communicate with him. I sighed and burried my head in the pillow. Before long, I fell asleep.
  8. My dream was filled with random pop music, rainbows, a unicorn, and the nyan (poptart)cat. ._. While the LMFAO guys were singing and dancing to Party Rock Anthem, a unicorn kept blasting rainbows at me. It's horn had a rainbow that it used as a whip and a gun! Then the nyan cat was meowing and flying around me. Next, the unicorn turned poptart and they used their rainbows and poptartness to trap me in a giant strawberry poptart! :O I could tell because I was standing in the jelly. -.- Next, Lady Gaga smashed open the poptart with Redfoo (LMFAO guy with the bigger afro)! Then she told me, "Baby, you were born this way!" and started singing a "trapped in a poptart" style born this way. Then Sky Blu (other LMFAO guy) came over to me with the kids from the Smucker's commercials! The kids had spoons and started scraping the jelly off me and into Smucker's jars. Finally, I woke up. ._.
  9. I shook my head. "What a crazy ass dream" I muttered to myself. I looked at my phone. The time was 7:30 a.m.
  10. No one else was up. I got ready for the day (getting dressed, eating, teeth, etc.) and finished by 8:00. Bye then almost all the girls were up and ready. I made eye contact with Claire and we shared a non-magical telepathy moment. She shook her head and said, "Guys need their sleep. Never mess with it" she added a smile. I smiled and wathced t.v.

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