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  • Damn everybody's got a boyfriend except me, i mean Mitchy :/, well all i have to do is now sing aloud to all the characters in the living room with a radio aloud,"I'm a single lady, i'm a single, now put your hands up" haha, well if your single be proud and show it *the others O_o, wtf?"

  • The first paragraphgold. I love your writing and your use of adjectives. Instead of using the hyphen though, you should use the em dash, which is what I use. You can just go into Google and copy and paste it. It looks way better. :') But anyways, great story; I'm so happy that I was the one that inspired you to start writing. :D

  • Ummmm I don't know :P Hm... yesh, actually, date with Ben sounds fun :) By the way, the outfit does sound good... I need to go gets me a pair of rainbow sneakers XP

    P.S. We should smuggle in Mr. Cuddlepants into the theater X3 don't want to leave him all alone, do we?

  • That was freakin AWESOME! I loved it and I think it should be a date with Ben. That was really Great can't wait till the next one comes out!!!

  • Caleb :') i'm happy that i got to see him in this part.Even if it was probably only a dream.I'm happy:)

  • I loved it! I want it to be a date! I like Ben :)! Can't wait for the next one. As always, I'll be looking.

  • YES It SHOULD be a DATE with BEN. PLEASE! Lol love your quizzes, can't wait for the next one!

  • I want to go on a date with Ben


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