Giving Love A Shot Part 17

I've been busy lately. :/ Sorry. I have a lot of things going on lately and I'm sorry if I take a while, but I appreciate your pateince. This part is pretty good in mah opinion. 8D

Um I guess I should tell you guys about the contest. In the last part, I'll make a classic quiz. Whoever gets the highest score wins. Nice and simple right? Yes. Anyways, if you're interested in the contest, on the last part you'll leave your name and description. Make sure you leave it or I'll go with another person's. ^-^

Created by: Teresa22

  1. The next act was: Cheesiness. Preformed by yours truely, Benjamin. Why didn't he do this in the movie where EVERYONE does it?!
  2. Yawning or at least pretending to, he put his arm around me. I looked at him. I was smiling, but my tone was sarcastic. "Really? REALLY?! That move is most commonly made at the movies, which we were just at, and you decide to do that here?" He smiled and shrugged. "Hey, better late than never. It's original" he defended with a wink. I rolled my eyes and kissed him on ther cheek.
  3. Mitchy looked over and we locked eyes. I smiled and waved her over. "Hi" I started. "Hey" She sounded shy and quiet again. "You sounded really nice up there. Danced pretty damn well too" I commented. She blushed and smiled. "Y-y-you saw that?" she whispered. I nodded with an encouraging smile. "Recorded it too" I informed, showing her the video. She hid her face. "Posting to Youtube" I stated. HHer head shot up and her expression was priceless. It was a combination of embarassment, fear, glee, and murderous. "Gimme the phone" the growled, tilting her head down into a glare. She looked serious and startling, but I wasn't afraid. I stood. "No" "Gimme!" "No!" She rose as well. "________," she started calmly. "GIVE ME THE DAMN PHONE!"
  4. That got me. I worked faster and she grabbed for the phone. I left the shop and she chased me. Imagine how funny THAT was. If you were a bystander of course. For me it was dodging not only Mitchy, but tourists, flower pots, dogs, anything animate and inanimate. The video was finally uploaded and Mitchy caught up. I knew it was only a matter of time. She actually tackled mefor the phone. "It's already posted" I told her. My breathing was heavy from the blow. Chests that contain precious and vital lungs, shouldn't be brutally slammed to the ground.
  5. Mitchy helped me up, also breathing a little heavily. "Ugh" she sighed. "Look on the brightside! Now the world will know of your amazing voice. Maybe after this quest you'll become the next Beyonce" I said dramaticly. She chuckled. "Let's go back to the resturant so Ben knows I didn't kill you." "Agreed" I said, relieved she suggested it. I felt bad. She must feel like a third wheel everywhere. I vowed to myself not to leave her out when we got back to the resturant.
  6. "So. . ." she started. I was gonna ask, "So what?", but I knew her well enough to tell she was getting to something uncomfortable for her to discuss. "You and Ben huh?" she managed. I blushed bright red. "Yeah. . ." I whispered loud enough only for her to hear. She nodded and seemed satisfied. "You two look cute together" she continued on the topic. Insert more blushing here. "Thanks" I said, my voice returning to normal. "No problem, it's true though. You two should request a duet at the cafe. I'm sure you can sing as well as you kick ass" she informed with a smile. I giggled nervously. "Yeah, me sing? Not gonna happen" I pushed the idea out of my mind. Mitchelle shrugged. "Well, I was giving a suggestion. I was just gonna sign you guys up for it no matter what you said, so I'm gonna have to do that now." she admitted in a sly way. I stopped in my tracks. "No" I said firmly. "C'mon!" she pushed. "I'll forgive you for the youtube vid!" she bribed. I grimmaced slightly and squeezed my eyes shut. "Fine" I let out. She fist pumped. "Yay! Want to pick the song yourself or should I pick?" At least she gave me a say in the unfortuante matter. "You pick" I mumbled. I didn't want to be involved any more than singing.
  7. We walked by a burnt building. It seemed the fire was quite recent, for there was still a big commotion. People wantering around, alarms, firefighters, the usual for a fire. But the fire was done. I stopped suddenly to observe. Mitchy stopped next to me while and whispered. "What do you think happened?" I was startled, oblivious to the fact she was that close and jumped a little. A shiver wen tup my spine from surprise, but I kept my cool.
  8. I made sure my breathing was normal. "Obviously it was a fire. Dur!" I responded cooly. She rolled her eyes. "I know that, but how?" she replied wittily. I shrugged and turned my attention back to the scene. I tapped the closest person to me. "Excuse me, but what was here?" I asked. "Oh, this was a small resturant. It had horrid conditions much before the fire, but it's still quite a shame. Quite a shame indeed." said a short, bald man with a thick English accent. I took that in for a moment. "Okay, thank you sir" I waved goodbye and walked away a bit, grabbing Mitchy.
  9. "You don't think?" I started, not sure how to ask Mitchy. "Hm?" she urged. I took a breather and continued. "You don't think any of the guys were in that resturant do you? Like Alex, Claire, Sarah, Danny?" I breathed. She looked shocked. "I-I" she gagged. "What?" I asked, a look of concern shadowing upon my beautiful and glamorous face. She weakly pointed and I saw some stretchers. Two were side by side and I saw a couple holding hands.
  10. My eyes windened and we rushed towards the stretchers. That was surprisingly hard with all the spectators and paparazzi that were starting to swarm in. Stupid news people. —.— It was like we were in some sick, twisted thriller movie, I felt that we were running in sap. Slowly, having trouble moving quick enough. When we were halfway through the endless road, we were grabbed. I was spun around in time to be faced by—

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