How Much Are We Alike? (Thoughts)

I didn't add every answer in the world so just choose whichever you'd most likely say. Sorry this quiz kind of sucks. :P but all of mine suck, I don't try much. xD

Anyways, comment, rate, thanks for taking this! Hit submit, it'll help you level up. :P hello? Goodbye? Oh and if you want to go BEYOND comment what face you would add to this sentence: I spilled liquid all over my pants!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Just click out of the following which best fits what I say. M'kay? Not every answer in the world will be there.
  2. Where's that shine to god? Did it ever get you far?
  3. Me jjamo le croissant.
  4. Hey I like someone.
  5. Yo, sup Twinkie?
  6. ┬┐Como te llamas, como te llamas, como te llamas tu?
  7. You can't stop looking at me, staring at me, be what I be. You can't stop looking at me, so get out of my face!
  8. All. Time. Low.
  9. Everybody talks bitch.
  10. Hunger Games.

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