How Well Do You Know Beautiful Secrets?

Made in California, USA. First part came out, I don't remember I'm too lazy to look. Thanks to the author for letting me make this, sorry this is details and not the actual plot.

For anyone who takes Confinement: RAVE IS MINE, M'KAY?! HE'S BEEN MINE SINCE MMH BUT I DIDN'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT, BUT HE'S STILL MINE! Seriously though, if you take him I might cry. D:

Created by: Teresa22
  1. Who does _______ live with?
  2. The aunt's name is. . .?
  3. The author is. . .?
  4. What's Alex's last name?
  5. Which boy do you meet second?
  6. How many parts does BS have?
  7. What was the talking animal and it's name?
  8. Who's the best friend that's a girl?
  9. Who's Christopher's friend from the Core?
  10. How did this part leave off?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Beautiful Secrets?