Beautiful Secrets Part 1

New series? I THINK YES. So welcome to Part 1 of Beautiful Secrets. (: So I ended part 1 really awkwardly and I apologize for that. (Read the results for details) Part 1 is kind of explaining everything so it might a little disappointing. :/ Don't worry though, they get better! Take my other series: They Love Me Somebody Special

I'm not going to list the guys just yet because I want you guys to discover them along the way and what they're like so I'll just list the names: Alex Hart Nick Martinez Sam Mitchell Zac Anderson Christofer Henderson ^also the order they appear in the story. (:

Created by: Dannica
  1. Let's cut to the chase. My parents work for this secret organization called the United Paranormal Association. UPA for short. You might have heard of it, but if you haven't, then they're basically the SWAT team on steroids. My parents are no ordinary parents. No, they're not Superman and Wonder Woman, but I guess they're close. You see, my parents have extraordinary powers. My grandparents have powers, my great grandparents had powers, and so on and so forth. You could say they run in the family. But then there's me. They say you're supposed to develop your powers at the age of 10, but here I am standing as an ordinary teenager who's slowly losing hope in the terms of getting my powers at all. My mom says that I'm just a late bloomer and that I develop some power ever month; like a period without the cramps and sudden urge to stab somebody. I know one thing is for sure though, my alarm clock needs to shut up.
  2. I slowly opened my crusty eyes and punched my alarm clock to a snooze. I rubbed my eyes and swung my legs to the edge of the bed. I looked around and panicked for a bit because I realized that I wasn't in my room back in Arizona. No sir, I was in my new room here in California. We had to move from Arizona for two reasons: 1. It was closer to the agency's headquarters and 2. One night at home we were attacked by some vampires so sparkly it made Kesha look like a banana. Yeah, I'm kidding. Vampires don't sparkle under the sun, they burn to ashes. Twilight is so overrated. Anyways, my mom and dad had to kill them off and my neighbors saw and so we had to move in fear of them finding out about who we really are. The main point is that now we live in California and it was my first day of school. My unpacked belongings lay there on the ground in a box by my window and I basically crawled over there to get my clothes. I waddled my way across the room and into my bathroom to take a nice, hot shower to waken me up. It's like a shower but with me in it. My definition of a shower is, "The place for deep thinking and decision making", and that's what I intended to do for my outfit of choice for the morning. I shut off the water and dried myself with the towel, brushed my teeth, and blow dried my hair. I changed my mind and sifted through my luggage once again for clothes. I found a cute, black romper with a tribal pocket and put it on. I curled my hair, and put on some lotion because I didn't want my legs to be all ashy. Then, I checked myself in the full length mirror before going downstairs. "______, COME ON YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL." My dad shouted from beneath me. I took one last look at myself, and satisfied, flounced downstairs with my bag.
  3. "Are you ready for your first day?" My mom asked as she popped some Eggo Waffles into the toaster. I sat down at the table and nodded. "You guys don't have to go with me, you know. You can just drop me off and go." I said, not wanting the attention of other kids who see the new girl with her parents at school. "We weren't planning on it..." My dad murmured, trailing on. There was an awkward silence, but it was soon broken at the sound of the toaster popping back up. I scrambled to my feet to get the waffle and as I was chewing said, "But you guys always go with me. Is something going on?" My mom and dad glanced at each other and my mom sighed, "We're going away on a business trip for the UPA. We'll be back in about...4 months?" I nearly spit out my waffle but managed to stay composed. But really though, we just moved here and they're going away already? "Oh, okay. So are you guys just going to leave me here for 4 months?" That actually wouldn't be so bad. I could jack people's orders at McDonald's, go to Disneyland, have a party, start a riot. I could do all sort of things after all. "Why would we leave you alone? Good Lord, you're so lazy by the time we got back the place would look like a dumpster. Your Auntie Lisa is coming over in the afternoon and she's going to pick you up from school." My dad said with a small laugh, bursting my bubble. Auntie Lisa was chill, but she was kind of embarrassing when it came to going out in public. I remember one time she visited us in Arizona and we went to a restaurant and she kept flirting with the waiters. Like, who does that? "Does that mean I have to walk to school?" I asked. My mom nodded and I groaned in agony. This outfit doesn't deserve this. I grabbed my other waffle and kissed my parents on the cheek goodbye before I headed off to school.
  4. It was a 15 minute walk and I remembered the way when we drove around to tour the small city. I put my earphones in and clicked on 'shuffle' on my iPod. Adele was on, and I was soon lost in my own world pretending I was in a music video. Please, don't pretend you don't do that too. About 5 songs went by until I realized I was right in front of the school. I paused my music put kept my earphones in as I walked through the gates. Before I went into the office someone who was walking by said to me, "You might want to put your iPod in your bag. They're not allowed on campus and they'll probably take it away." I removed my earphones and put them away safely in my bag because there is no way they're taking away my music. I looked up at the stranger and thanked her. She had black hair and olive skin. I'm guessing she was Filipino by the look of her almond shaped eyes and button nose. "You're new here, right? I'm April, it's nice to meet you! If you have any questions or just need somebody to hang out with then just look for me!" She waved a goodbye as one of her friends called her over. I waved back, not wanting to be rude and thought she was actually really nice. I walked through the office doors and felt the cool breeze of the air conditioning hit my face. I went to the front desk where a pudgy woman was sitting there wearing all lime green; not a pretty sigh by the way. "Hi, I'm _____ ______ and today's my first day." She looked at me and put on a big, toothy smile. "Welcome to SoCal Valley! We're happy to have a new member join the student body. Let me just print out your schedule and then you'll meet the principle and you'll be on your way!" Did she just say SoCal? The office lady, Mrs. Snider, handed me my schedule. The paper was still warm as it just came out of the printer and as I followed her to who knows where, I looked it over: Biology, Algebra 2, French, History, Advanced English, P.E, and Art. Not too shabby. I almost ran into Mrs. Snider as she came to a halt in front of a big, navy blue door labeled, 'PRINCIPAL' on it. She knocked on the door twice and then a deep voice on the other side said, "Come on in." She opened the door to let me in and closed it to go back to her desk. "You must be new here, I'm Principal Wagger and it's very nice to meet you! I just wanted to formally introduce myself to you in person so that you know where to go if you're in need of assistance. The other kids here are very welcoming and you can just ask anybody if you need help looking for your classes. I better let you get going now before the bell rings. I hope you have a beautiful first day!" He stood up to shake my hand a farewell and opened the door for me. As I walked out, another person was about to walk in. He had pitch black hair with striking blue eyes, and as we bumped into each other and he smiled, I realized I knew this kid. I've seen him before...but where?
  5. Before I could say anything, Mrs. Snider motioned me to move out of the way to let the kid inside to talk to Mr. Wagger. "I see you've met our other new student." She said with a wink. "What's his name?" I asked with curiosity, ignoring the creepy wink and hoping the name would ring a bell. "Alex Hart. I'd tell you more that would be violating Student Confidentiality." I sunk the name in and it sounded familiar; but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I walked out of the office and I came back to reality as I saw tons of people staring at me, whispering among their group of friends, judging me. Now this is a welcoming committee. I tried not to notice them, but it was obvious that I was blushing. I looked over at my schedule once again and decided to find my classes so that I didn't look like a lost penguin. But then the bell rang. I glanced around me and saw kids scrambling about trying to get to their classes. I just needed to stay composed and look chill like an ice cube, and smooth like a smoothie. And thank you Lord Jesus Christ, I found room 605, Biology, just a couple of doors down from me. My hand went on the handle of the door to open it at the exact same time another hand reached for the handle too. I instantly pulled away and was about to say sorry when I saw who it was. It was the boy from the office, Alex Hart. He flashed me a breath taking smile and opened the door. "Ladies first." What about him was so strangely familiar? I walked in and he followed behind. We both walked up to the teacher, Mr. Irvine, to tell him that we were new. He didn't bother introducing us to the class, thank God, but he did tell us to sit at the very last table available at the back of the classroom together. Not that I minded because Alex was one fine boy, but there was something about him that I couldn't quite shake off. I took a seat while Alex slid in next to me. Mr. Irvine was taking roll, so the class had a few minutes of free time to talk. I took a quick look at Alex and studied him. His jaw line was very distinct and sexy. He was wearing a low v-neck which revealed his collar bone. He had muscles, not like Ronnie's from Jersey Shore, but lean ones like Vinny. He turned to look at me and I quickly turned away. He was still watching me, but this time with an arrogant smile. "Can I help you?" I asked him. "No, I think I'm good. Can I help YOU?" He remarked. His blue eyes were looking right through me, and it made me feel vulnerable. Then I remembered. I've seen him at a party once. I remember it was about a year ago some friends of my parents threw a party for their anniversary and Alex was there with his family. We didn't talk, but he wasn't a face to ignore. I would admire him from a distance and all of my cousins would make fun of me for it. But why was he here? Did he move here like I did? Was it just a funny coincidence that it was both our first days in a new school? I was about to ask Alex when Mr. Irvine interrupted me. "Okay, class has started! Quiet down kids! Today we'll be learning about how animals reproduce..." I stopped paying attention after the word, "learning." There was something about Alex that kept my eyes glued on him. It was probably the way his jaw flexes whenever he swallowed of the look on his adorable face when Mr. Irvine said something confusing. "...why do you keep staring at me?" He asked. Oh no. Did I just make myself look like a creeper?
  6. "You just look familiar to me, that's all." I said, trying to keep my voice steady. Mr. Irvine was passing out a worksheet and he was starting on the other side of the class room. "Yeah, I'm kind of a hard face to forget, huh?" Alex replied with a cocky edge in his voice. I was about to agree when I realized he knew what I was talking about. And that would make myself look more like a creeper. "So, what? Did you just move out here like my parents and I did?" Did some Edward Cullens attack you guys too?" Alex laughed a little. "Actually, no. My parents are going with your parents to that little business trip and since nobody was there to look out for me, I was forced to come down here. I'll be your new room mate for the next 4 months. You and your Aunt Lisa, I guess. Also, your mom told me to look out for you and make sure you don't get into any trouble. Are you still developing your powers?" I guess the question at the end of Alex's explanation was overheard by the kid sitting in front of us. He turned around to look at us with a smirk, but quickly turned back around Alex said in a harsh tone, "What? I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure you weren't in this conversation. Now turn back around before I poke your eyes out." Impressive. "You're so mean. And yes, I am. Wait, did you just say we were going to mates??" Mr. Irvine shot me a look meaning to say shut up as he passed out the last of the papers to Alex and me. It was a fill-in-the-blank worksheet about animals and their reproductive organs or some non sense. I tried filling in the ones that I knew first, which was the was the easiest question and then decided to ask for help. Help as in copying somebody else's paper.
  7. I tried craning my neck to see Alex's answers, but I guess he noticed and decided to get some amusement out of this as he tried concealing it as much as he could whenever he was writing something down. I sighed and looked down at my nearly answerless paper before me trying to get some sympathy out of him. "You could just ask, you know." He said, sliding his paper in between the two of us with a soft laugh. "Thanks." I said, copying down the answers with a small blush. "Do you have any idea why my parents didn't mention you to me?" I asked him while writing down the answers at the same time. "It was a last minute thing. I got there at your house right after you left for school and saw you walking in that cute little outfit of yours." He said, smiling and facing his body towards mine. "Oh...we're not related right?" I asked, just wanting to make sure. I mean, what if he was my cousin? That would be weird since I was attracted to him, don't you think? "I'm pretty sure we're not. Thankfully." I was about to ask what he meant by that when Mr. Irvine ordered the class to get a text book and start reading. Alex already got up to get a book while I was putting my paper away in my binder. I was then about to get my text book from the shelf when Alex came back with two books and handed one to me. "Thanks..." I said with a small smile. I opened my book to page 207 and started reading in my head, "...a male peacock tries getting a mate by revealing its fan of feathers...I really want to talk to wait, I should be reading this...many animals use violence to get its mate. Rams will use their horns...Alex is so cute and nice, aww." I tried clearing my head, but it always came back to Alex. I wonder if he was thinking the exact same thing about me. Probably not.
  8. "Miss _______, why are you only on the first page? The whole class is nearly done!" Mr. Irvine called out, completely putting me on blast. "Sorry." I mumbled, trying to shrink down in my seat. "Thinking about me?" Alex asked when Mr. Irvine dropped his stare on me. "No," I replied, keeping my focus on the text, "why would I be thinking about you?" Alex laughed a little. "It's kind of hard not to." Amen to that. The truth is, it is hard not to think about Alex and his charming, over confident ways. Imagine living in the same house as him. Oh my goodness, heaven on Earth. I just wonder why we've never talked before. "What's your next class?" I asked him, hoping it was the same as mine. "I have P.E. You?" My mood lessened a bit. "I have Algebra 2." "You do know what my power is, right?" He asked me with a crispy smile. "No, what is it?" I replied, suddenly getting nervous. I hope it's not what I think it is. "Mind reader." And then like on cue, the bell rang and Alex left with a wink.
  9. Wow. I was completely flushed in red and my thoughts felt violated. Now I know why he assumed I was thinking about him. Because he knew I was. Frustrated at the thought that somebody read my inner feelings in my head without even bothering to ask, I grabbed my stuff and fled the classroom. Now if we were back in Arizona I'd automatically go to my friends and start ranting about the whole situation minus the mind reading thing because they're not aloud to know about that. But here, I didn't have any friends except one which was April. I don't even know if I can count Alex as a friend. I looked my schedule over and saw Algebera 2 was in Room 704. I scanned the doors quickly because there was only a 4 minute passing period and found the room right away. Mrs. Cypress was leaning against her desk, watching as the kids filed in. I slowly approached her and she stood up straight. She hovered over me like the Empire State Building. I literally had to look up when I told her I was new. I half expected her to just let me sit down without any big introduction like how it was in Biology, but I wasn't so lucky. All the students took their seats and Mrs. Cypress announced my new coming like I just won a Grammy. Loud, exciting, and embarrassing. The class snickered as she told me to just sit in any open desk. I scanned the room and saw April sitting in the back. I saw there was an open seat next to her, and she motioned me over to come over and sit. I awkwardly walked to the back while everybody else's eyes were on me. The chair loudly scraped against the floor and I sat down. I glanced at April and she gave me a sarcastic thumbs up. Mrs. Cypress started writing some algebraic equations on the board for practice while we had to figure them out. I noticed we learned this lesson already at my old school in Arizona so it wasn't that hard. April had to ask me for help several times, and I was glad to since she's been so nice to me. Mrs. Cypress was passing out a practice test and I was getting my mechanical pencil ready when I found it was out of lead. I asked April, but she only had 0.5 and I had 0.7. I turned to my left and asked the guy if he had any. He turned to me and I saw he was one of the most gorgeous things in the whole entire universe.
  10. Hair like Zac Efron, soft gray eyes like a light rainfall, lips looking so soft and kissable. I can't believe I didn't notice him before. "Um, yeah I think I have some." He said, clicking his pencil and handing me a stick of lead. "I-uh_thanks." I said, lost for words and completely making myself look like a dork. But surprisingly he laughed a little, not at me hopefully. "You're cute." That's what he said. I was melting inside. My thoughts about Alex were not forgotten as this boy just made his way through to them. Okay, I was still thinking about Alex, but the majority of my mind was thinking about Mr. Cutie over here. "I'm Nick. Nick Martinez. ______, right?" He said, holding out his hand for me to shake. I nodded and even smiled a little. I was red though, really red. More like pink. I took his hand and shook it. I swear, electricity surged through me and my stomach did a 360. Stay composed, I kept telling myself. I can't fall for ever cute guy I meet at this cutie infested school. Is there something in the water here in California? If so, I'd like to bring some back to Arizona to show my friends what were missing out on. We stopped shaking hands and I wiped my palm on my romper because it was sweaty. Nick smiled at me. A contagious smile I believe. "Eyes on your own paper!" Mrs. Cypress exclaimed, not so friendly anymore. I guess she was directing that to Nick and me because we were looking at eachother smiling and such.
  11. I breezed through the quiz and handed it to Mrs. Cypress with a sweet smile. She didn't smile back. She didn't even try to. I walked back to my seat and saw that April was snoozing off. I poker her awake and she did this weird jerking motion and it made me laugh. I tried concealing it because I'm already on the bad side of Mrs. Cypress and I surely didn't want to go into that path, but April was making it really hard to do so. She finished her quiz and turned it in followed by a strict look from Mrs. Cypress. April came back to her seat and thanked me for waking me up. "Yeah, no problem." I replied with a smile. The rest of the period consisted of me taking noted and in between glancing at Nick. I was by the trash can, throwing something away when the bell rang. I jogged over to get my stuff when Nick gently caught hold of my arm. He was holding my bag in his other hand and handed it to me with a smile. "Oh, thanks! You didn't have to do that." "No worries, I wanted to. So I'll see you around?" I nodded and felt myself heating up. We walked outside together and I saw kids roaming around with their friends. " it break...?" I asked, slightly confused. "Yeah, it's first two periods, break then if you have P.E, choir, or band 3rd period then you have second lunch. But if you don't then you have 1st." I stuck that into my head on a sticky note and was about to say 'thanks for telling me," when I heard Nick's name being called out from one of his friends. "Sorry, I have to go." He said with an apologetic smile. I waved, then pretended that I had friends to go to too.

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