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It depends what you do and how you react that makes you beautiful. The definition of beautiful is Good; satisfactory Beauty is not what you look like.

Are you beautiful? Are you shallow? Are you pretty but denying it? This quiz will tell you if you are soulfully beautiful. Take it and find out.....

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  1. On a scale of one to 6, how pretty do you think you are? 1 being ugly, 6 being goddess
  2. If your friends were asked if they thought you were pretty, how would they respond?
  3. Which one do you use more?
  4. You see a zit! You...
  5. Which do you like better?
  6. Do you like yourself?
  7. When you stub your toe, what do you say?
  8. "You're pretty!" Says your friend. How do you reply?
  9. Favorite movie? (out of these options)
  10. Were those questions relevant?

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