How Pretty Are You? {Quiz}.

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Are you attractive at least? Cute? Pretty? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Somewhere in between? Take my quiz to figure out! Just remember there is always bigger and better.

This quiz can determine a lot. Your inner and beauty to an overall extent and so on. This quiz is not petty though it is not life or death accurate.

Created by: Maggie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First please describe pretty in your words.
  2. So do you wear much makeup?
  3. Overall what type of makeup do you wear?
  4. What are your staple brands of makeup?
  5. Now where do you shop for clothes?
  6. Now let a bit of a basic: your favorite color.
  7. Please describe yourself in a few words.
  8. How do your family & friends describe you?
  9. What designer brands do you adore?
  10. What is your diet plan like?
  11. Who is someone you look up to? {Besides your parents}.
  12. This quiz was not in depth... I hope you loved this quiz!

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Quiz topic: How Pretty am I? {Quiz}.