are you pretty?

People may tell u if you r pretty! but r they telling the truth? stop asking people and take this quiz to find out if u r pretty or ugly!!! Every girl needs this quiz!

Are YOU really pretty! forgot asking people, they might be lying!! Bad bad fibs! Take this quiz and find out! It only takes a few minutes and every girl need this quiz!

Created by: Sophie

  1. what's your name? I wanna know! (has no effect)
  2. How many pimples do u have?
  3. Do u have a boyfiend/girlfriend?
  4. Do u get many good compilents?
  5. Fat or skinny? (be honest)
  6. do u need to wear makeup coz of blemishes or spots to cover?
  7. How is your hair? WEEEEE:)
  8. How often do u cleanse and moisturise at night??
  9. How r your teeth?
  10. What style of clothing do u have?

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty?