If you were a girl, what would your name be??

What would your name be if you were a girl? With this in depth professional quiz, we will find out. Hopefully your result will be pretty accurate. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed taking this quiz as much as I enjoyed making it and stuff and I would like to say that no matter what result you get you're still a star.

Created by: Pichu
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  1. How intelligent are you in contrast of your peers?
  2. What do you think people think of you?
  3. Social meter? How social are you? 10 being most social, 0 being not social at all?
  4. Are you a bit unusual?
  5. Sports style?
  6. How do you look?
  7. You are walking to the store. A giant bear comes in close proximity to you. How do you react to this anomaly
  8. Fashion? Do you have a style?
  9. Chelsea is angry, and she thinks you stole her gummy worms. The bag is missing and only you know her locker combination. You did in fact steal them. How do you react?
  10. Do you play video games?
  11. Your bod
  12. Are you a bit immature?
  13. Music taste?
  14. A few people insult you. What do you do?
  15. In theory you are a pretty girl. It is Halloween. What will you dress up as?
  16. Do you care about other people?
  17. You argue with someone and it gets really heated. They hit you!!! What do?
  18. Sense of humor?
  19. Ever cry?
  20. Which of those Pokemon do you like the most?

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Quiz topic: If you were a girl, what would my name be??